Apnapan 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 12th July 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi coming to the Mata ki chowki with her children. The ladies gossip about Pallavi and Nick. They laugh. Ranveer comes there. He prays. He goes to Pallavi. She asks what’s the special occasion. He says yes, I have to say something. She says I will just come.

He says its fine, I will wait. He dances with the people. Ishaan comes. Barkha and Manna see him. He waves to Manna. Barkha goes away. Manna takes him aside. She says don’t worry. He says Barkha ignored me. She says she will agree and come back to you, she is busy in stepsister drama, laugh, we have to make her jealous.

He laughs. Barkha sees them. Ranveer says protect me, don’t let Pallavi sacrifice me. Pallavi comes. She asks him to wait. He says I should tell her today. Pallavi asks her to say. He says yes, wait. The ring falls. Nick comes in the Chowki.

Pallavi goes to see. Ranveer keeps the ring and goes after her. Nick asks Manna to come home with him. Manna says it’s a hotel, home is here. Nani meets Nick happily and blesses him. She asks him to come for Mata darshan.

Pallavi says no need to go, have Darshan from here. Manna says a new drama started. Barkha says we have a special guest between us, he has come from New York city to our Meerut for a special performance. Pallavi asks will you perform now. Nick says I m not going to perform, I don’t know what is she saying.

Barkha says please welcome Manna. Manna gets shocked. Barkha says my lovely sister. Manna asks what shall I do. Nick says if you aren’t comfortable… Pallavi says I will announce that it’s a misunderstanding. Manna says I will perform. Nick stops her. Manna goes. Gagan says I will send the video to everyone.

Badal says she is our sister, her insult is our insult. Barkha thinks Manna will directly go to the airport from here. Nick and Pallavi worry. Manna sings the bhajan Mangalam. They get surprised and feel proud.

Everyone claps for Manna. Pallavi goes and hugs Manna. Barkha gets angry. Manna says I memorized this from internet, I was famous for memorizing things quickly, you explain me its meaning later. She asks why did Nick come here. Pallavi says I want to ask you. The ladies talk bad about Manna. Pallavi scolds the ladies.

Manna asks them to take Lord’s name in the puja, not her name. The ladies go. Pallavi says they are fools. Manna says there is no fun in America, its entertaining here, their gossip is better than the US silence. Nani says yes, right, neigbors help also when needed. Manna gets Nick’s call. Pallavi asks who is ATM. Manna says dad is my ATM, I will see why he is calling. Pallavi says I will go and see.

Ranveer asks where is Pallavi. Manna says she went to Nick. Ranveer sees the ring box. Pallavi says I want to talk to you. Nick goes. The men joke on him. Pallavi says Manna won’t go with you. Nick says okay.

She asks him to leave. He says I came to take my head chef. She says I won’t come. He says I m not talking about you, but Badal. Badal comes and asks did you call me, Pa, Sir. Nick says yes, you are our head chef, we will make a new dessert today, okay. Badal looks at Pallavi. Nick says its your son’s dream, won’t you not let it fulfil, it will make his career. Badal asks shall I go. Pallavi nods.

Nick says Manna left me and came to you, I also felt the same, happy realization. He leaves. She thinks you always think of revenge, I won’t let Badal come in your words. Ranveer comes to talk. She says we will talk later, I have to go to Amma’s kitchen. He says what will I do now, focus….

Badal likes the restaurant’s makeover. Nick asks did you like it. Badal says a lot. Nick says we can start the kitchen work, come. Badal sees the new improved kitchen. He smiles. He goes to hug Nick. Nick hugs him. Badal thanks him. He says its amazing. Nick says new restaurant, new recipe, are you ready, come, I will show you.

They cook together. Badal says it’s a good recipe. Nick says we have to add emotions to the recipe, it makes the people taste different, we invented this on a special day. Pallavi comes. Nick says it will stand out on our menu. Pallavi recalls the moment. She thinks I won’t let my emotions get on display in Nick’s restaurant.


Apnapan 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi asks Nick to leave, she doesn’t like to dig out the past. Ranveer says right, everything will be right in your and our life. Nick catches Ranveer and scolds him. He asks Ranveer to stay away from Pallavi.


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