Apnapan 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 12th September 2022 Episode starts with Nick asking Pallavi to choose the saree herself and keep him out of this. He goes. She asks why is he saying so. Dadi says he either stays sweet or angry. Everyone sees the Roka arrangements. Harsh looks on and smirks. Manna,

Badal, Gagan and Barkha get busy in arrangements. Harsh says I will solve your puzzle. He instructs the man. Manna asks the man to place small candles on the table. Lalita smiles seeing them. She says normally parents decide for children’s marriage, but Pallavi’s case is different, I like it. She goes to Pallavi.

Pallavi sees the sarees kept on the bed. Lalita says you have to wear the saree, don’t stare at it. Pallavi says I m lying 100 times to hide one lie. Lalita says you and Nick are doing this for his mum right. Pallavi says yes. Lalita gives the papers. Pallavi says its written that our marriage is happening for the sake of humanity, I won’t take his property. Lalita says you want him to sign prenup.

Pallavi says yes, I don’t want anyone to think that I m marrying him for the sake of his property. Nick recalls Rastogi’s words. Shanky comes. Nick gets angry and says Pallavi is playing a game with me, she wants me to sign a prenup. Shanky says you might have a misunderstanding. Nick says Rastogi wants me to give the children custody to her, I heard them talking.

Shanky says I don’t think she can do this, something is wrong. The sons come to make Nick ready for the Roka. Shanky says wow Harsh, you got the sherwani. Harsh says I can’t refuse Dadi. Gagan and Badal ask Nick to change. Manna and Barkha make Pallavi ready for her Roka.

Sonali gets the parlour treatment. She hits the lady and shows her broken nail. She scolds the lady. Nandita asks seriously, grow up, your nail got broken, Nick and Pallavi’s roka can get missed. Sonali says this won’t happen, I have heard Dadi and Nani talking. FB shows Dadi showing the rings for the Roka.

She asks Nani to keep it safe in the cupboard. Nani keeps it. Dadi says Nick should get ready for this roka. Sonali steals the rings. FB ends. Nandita smiles seeing the rings. Sonali says roka won’t happen without the rings, now the all will dance on my tune. Manna says I should not focus on Ishaan. She imagines Ishaan.

Barkha asks did you see Manna. Manna gets ready. Se sees Ishaan and says you… He smiles. She imagines him. Ishaan really comes. She falls in his arms. She says no, why are you coming again and again to distract me, you can’t be Ishaan. He asks what do you mean, I m Ishaan, I m glad to know that you are thinking the same as I m. He holds her hand and says we need to talk.

Manna asks Ishaan to take care of his ex fiancé. She goes. Barkha says I m glad that you came on my invite, thanks. Nick and Pallavi come for Roka. He recalls Rastogi’s words. She says I want to talk to you.

He says first lets do this work. Pandit says mahurat will start in 20 mins. Nani asks kids to come and take the guests to have food. Pallavi asks Nick to come with him. He scolds her. She says I need to talk. He says leave me, I don’t want to go anywhere, tell it in front of everyone. Everyone comes and looks on. Pallavi says you have worn the Churidar wrong. They all see this and laugh.

Nick says I have seen this fashion in New York, you wanted to talk this. She says yes. Dadi pulls his ear and jokes. Nick says its fashion. Dadi asks him to wear the pyjama right. They laugh. Nick comes back. Nandita says why didn’t Sonali come till now.


Apnapan 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick lifts Sonali and brings her home. Pallavi cries. Sonali smiles. She wears Pallavi’s saree. Pallavi sees her and leaves. Dadi asks Nick to get Pallavi.


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