Apnapan 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 14th September 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi going to kitchen. Nick comes. She drinks water. She says you have got Sonali back. He says its better that she is here, we can’t tell the family.

She says you can’t say that you spent a night with her. They argue. She cries. He hugs her. Ajeeb dastaan…plays… He says I can understand, we made a mistake, but even Sonali is hurt. She says you can see her pain, not my hardships. He says I didn’t mean that. Sonali looks on. He says I didn’t mean anything, I was trying to calm you down. Dadi asks what are you doing here Sonali.

Sonali says I didn’t know about the room. Dadi says Barkha will show the room, get ready. Sonali goes. Barkha asks which saree will you wear. Sonali takes a saree. Barkha says dad gave this to mum for roka. Sonali thinks Nick still selects sarees for Pallavi. Nandita says I know Sonali, we are best friends.

Manna asks how is this possible. Harsh asks her to go and find the ring. She goes. Harsh asks Nandita did she get Sonali here. She asks him to trust her. She smiles. Pallavi comes to Sonali and sees her wearing the saree given by Nick. She asks this saree.

Sonali starts acting. Pallavi says Nick gave me this saree, which I m wearing, why did you come. Sonali says I regret my mistakes, I got punished, you have forgiven Nick, won’t you forgive me, please. Pallavi goes.

Nimmi sees Barkha and Ishaan. She sends Barkha. She scolds Ishaan. He says I will just come. She says Barkha’s behavior looks changed, I have to find out the matter. Badal says dad, I just saw mum going out of the house. Nick worries. Sonali comes downstairs and signs Nandita. Nick asks Badal to find Pallavi and get her back.

He thinks to send Sonali away. Nimmi talks to Sonali and comments on her husband’s death. Nick looks for Pallavi. Dadi asks him to call Pallavi, mahurat is passing. Pallavi is on the way. She recalls Nick and Sonali. She gets dizzy. Badal holds her and asks are you fine. Nick says Pallavi is coming in 2 mins. Dadi asks Manna to get ghee. Ishaan follows Manna. Barkha looks on.

He asks Manna to listen. She says you don’t follow me, you can’t ignore my sister. He asks why are you getting Barkha between us. Manna says no, I m Barkha’s sister. He says you are denying our relation. She says yes. He says look into my eyes and say this. Barkha comes and doesn’t see them.

They hide. Barkha asks where did they go. Badal consoles Pallavi. He says I thought you will be happy that Sonali came back home, so I m in contact with her. She asks what, did you meet her. He says I met her to find out the reason for your divorce with dad. She scolds him. She cries. Nick tries to stop Dadi.

Dadi comes to Pallavi’s room. She sees Sonali. Sonali lies and sends them off. She lies on a couch. Nandita comes and compliments her. Sonali says Pallavi can’t do anything, I have come forever.


Apnapan 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi asks Sonali to stay with them. Sonali acts good and requests Nick and Pallavi.


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