Apnapan 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 16th September 2022 Episode starts with Sonali asking how did this happen. Nandita thinks well done Sonali. Nimmo jokes. Dadi asks her to think and talk. Sonali says I have to open the mauli and remove my hand. Pandit says wait, this can’t be broken, let the groom and bride do the rituals, Sonali will be with them.

Dadi says Sonali is Pallavi’s sister. Pandit gives the rituals. Sonali thinks Pallavi will be in the corner, I will be with Nick. She says I m always with them. Pallavi prays for her family’s peace. Sonali thinks lets see what is mighty, your prayer or my 18 year long wait. Nick says Sonali, you have to open the mauli now.

Pallavi makes Sonali’s hand away. Manna says we are not getting the rings. Nani asks her not to worry, tulsi rings are there, don’t worry. Pallavi says I want to talk to Maa, its imp, before Nick and I exchange the rings.

Nick and Dadi ask the matter. Pallavi says its imp. Nimmo says its good that Ishaan didn’t get married in this house. Nani asks the matter. Pallavi insists. She goes. Nick worries that Pallavi can tell the truth to mum. Nandita thinks finally, she accepted the defeat. Sonali says just see what happens next. Nandita gives the rings to Sonali and goes. Sonali smiles and thinks I won’t let anyone come between Nick and me.

Pallavi is upset. Dadi asks her the matter. Pallavi says I don’t want to do this function. Nani thinks why is she doing this when she knows its fake. Sonali eats the food. Manna comes there. Sonali drops the rings there. Dadi asks Pallavi is this her last decision. Pallavi nods. Dadi says I will go and announce this to everyone, they should know about it. They leave. Ishaan comes to Manna. He asks how long will you ignore me.

She asks what’s this. They see the rings. She says its mom and dad’s engagement rings, how did this come here. Sonali looks on. Manna says thank God, we got these rings. Sonali says how did I make such a big mistake. Ishaan says maybe its some guest’s rings, Sonali was sitting here, I m sure. Manna thinks and asks how did she get these rings, she just came home, I don’t understand.

Manna asks what’s her connection with mum and dad, she came all of a sudden, I think she is over the top. Sonali says I have to do something. She sees the waiter coming. She smiles. Ishaan says better go and ask Sonali. Manna says no, she will think I m blaming her. Sonali pushes the stand on the waiter. Manna drops the rings. Sonali picks the rings. Nandita says what is Sonali doing.

Nimmo shouts to call Ishaan and Barkha. Barkha asks are you fine. Nimmo scolds her. Ishaan says I will ask driver to drop you home, I can’t leave the party, else they will feel bad. Manna says I lost the rings again. Nimmo scolds Ishaan. She asks him to just take her home. Nani asks what happened.

Harsh says waiter dropped the tray. Sonali drops the rings. She picks it and says I got Pallavi and Nick’s engagement rings, is it the same. Badal says yes, you are really lucky for us. Dadi says it’s a good shagun. Nani says yes, but you were going to declare the marriage. Dadi says we will first talk to pandit.

Pallavi looks at Sonali. Nick asks Dadi what did Pallavi tell her. Sonali asks what are they talking. Nandita says they never involved me. Dadi says I have to talk to pandit, wait. Nick asks Pallavi what did she tell Maa, did she tell the truth. Shanky asks him to calm down. Dadi thanks everyone for coming.

She says we want to organize the marriage on a grand scale, we need time for it so we decided to keep this marriage after two months. Nick looks at Pallavi. Nani says but we should not delay the engagement. Nick and Pallavi exchange the rings. Dil sambhal jaa…plays… Dadi blesses them. Sonali says let Pallavi think she is winning, but I will win in the end, I will marry Nick, I will start my super strong game, Pallavi can’t defeat me.


Apnapan 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi says Sonali has to leave from this house, I can’t lose my kids. Nick tries to talk to Sonali. Nick gets a call and learns about Gagan’s accident.


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