Apnapan 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 18th July 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi asking Harsh not to smoke, Barkha has an asthma problem. Barkha comes to call her. Harsh sees her. Lalita comes to the restaurant. She sees the staff, watching Pallavi’s video.

The staff talks about Pallavi and Vishal. Lalita defends Pallavi. The customers call Pallavi characterless. Lalita says Pallavi doesn’t even now about this. She calls Pallavi. Pallavi serves the food to everyone.

Barkha and Manna make faces seeing each other. Barkha steps on Manna’s foot. Manna unknowingly hits Nani’s foot. Barkha laughs. Nani says its nothing. Pallavi thanks Lord. Manna loves the food. Pallavi says we will have Chole bhature for dinner.

Barkha says no. Manna says I love it. They do the voting. Badal says I also love Chole bhature. Gagan hits him. Pallavi says so Chole bhature is final.

The kids argue. Nani looks on. Pallavi says don’t know what happened to my phone, its getting off again and again. Hash goes to check the door. He gets some packet. Nani looks on. Harsh says someone came at wrong address.

He goes upstairs. Pallavi asks Gagan to get lemon grass. Nani says I feel Harsh took something to his room. Pallavi says he didn’t take anything. Nani says don’t trust him. Pallavi says I m his mum, I have to trust him and win his trust, don’t worry.

Nick asks how did Harsh go to live with Pallavi, he hates her. Nandita says she is clever, I knew it, she will get Harsh on her side, we have no way now, we have to take legal action. He says my five kids will come to me, I will hire the best lawyer, Pallavi can live with Ranveer. She plans and thinks Harsh is planning something special for you, Pallavi, the countdown begins.

Lalita says if Nick sees the video then he will fire Pallavi. Nick comes. She thinks he saw the video. She says you should ask Pallavi about it. Nick thinks she is talking about Harsh. She says I think this video is edited, you check it once. He asks whose video. She says no one. He asks again.

She says Pallavi’s dance video, you don’t know, she makes reels, see it. He says I don’t want to see. She goes. He says she kept the kids and now she is making dance videos. Pallavi comes. She sees the staff talking about her. Shambu says staff is talking about you, they will take orders from Nick, not you.

He asks do you have manners or not. The staff guy asks will you teach us manners now. She asks what’s going on. Lalita takes her. She asks did you go to meet Vishal at the hotel. Pallavi says yes, he needed money, how do you know. Lalita says everyone knows it, he presented it in a way that you are interested in him. Pallavi says this goes on, but they are reacting a lot, what happened. Lalita shows the video. Pallavi gets shocked.

Everyone gets a fancy invite. Manna says its so interesting, Ishaan told about Nimmi Bua. Barkha says I should wear clothes for the birthday or sangeet. Gagan says ask Manna. He jokes on Manna’s bad childhood. Mana cries. Harsh comes. He says I was thinking to take you all for dinner tonight.

He asks Manna is she okay. She nods. Badal says but mum is making Chole bhature for us. Harsh says we will have dinner, we can have bonding also, think of it, Nick will set the menu for us at a fancy hotel. Gagan taunts and says we will surely come. Harsh says great, I will make arrangements.

Badal asks Manna not to feel bad of Gagan’s words, he is good at heart. She says I know, I didn’t expect you all to welcome me, you will need time to accept me. They smile. Gagan calls Badal. Nandita asks did they agree. Harsh says yes, my work will get easy once they all go out. She says perfect, I trust you, you will handle Pallavi well. Pallavi says Vishal cheated me and called me there,

he misbehaved with me, how dare he spread wrong things about me. Lalita says I m thinking about Nick, he is upset because Manna is staying with you. Pallavi says its about Harsh also, did he fall to this level, he did all this. Lalita says he doesn’t know anything about this. Pallavi says he is an expert in all this,

he is acting, he knows everything, he fooled me, I trusted all his lies, but not now, he wants to defame me, he wants to fire me because Ranveer proposed me. Lalita asks what, does he know this. Pallavi says yes, so he wants to defame me, he can’t tolerate this, I will have to talk to him.


Apnapan 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi asks for Nick. She goes to Nick. Nick gets hurt. She cares for him. They get locked in the storeroom.


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