Apnapan 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 19th July 2022 Episode starts with the staff leaving. Shanky comes to Nick and says we will go and have food. Nick asks did anything happen today. Shanky says yes, they are scared of you, relax. Nick says Harsh is also with Pallavi.

Shanky asks are you not upset that Ranveer proposed Pallavi. Nick goes to keep cheese in the storeroom. Pallavi comes and asks for Nick. Shanky says he left. She also goes to the storeroom. Nick keeps the cheese in the cold freezer.

Pallavi keeps a crate. Some steel box falls over Nick. He gets hurt. Pallavi asks why are you shouting. He says look at this, are you blind. She says I have cut your nose. She looks for the ice cubes. She gets the haldi and applies it to his wound. He sneezes. She asks him to go to the doctor.

He says I will go and say that I m already too hurt. She asks did I hurt you, if you didn’t like Ranveer, you fired him, you didn’t even spare me, you stained my character. He asks what nonsense.

She says you defamed me, your staff member was misbehaving with me, he made a video and forwarded it, everyone believed it because I m alone, he has spoiled my name. Nick says shut up, you can’t blame me for every problem of your life. Nandita comes and asks where is Nick. Shanky says he just left.

She asks for Pallavi. She says she would be in storeroom, I m going to the hotel, you want to come along. She says I will come, you go. He goes. She says perfect timing. She goes and locks the storeroom door.

Nick and Pallavi argue. She checks the door. She says who locked this door. She shouts someone, open the door. Nick stops her. He checks the door. He says we got trapped. She says with each other.

Manna, Badal and all the kids get ready and leave for the dinner. Harsh says I hope Nandita did what she had to. Nandita is on the way. She thinks Pallavi can’t think what will happen in her house. Pallavi shouts is someone there. Nick says everyone left. She scolds him for bringing cheese cartons there.

He says I dreamt of this, right, you just blame me. Manna says wow, I love this place. Barkha says Harsh did a favor on us by bringing us here. Gagan acts like Harsh. Harsh asks him to come. Nani says it’s a nice place. Harsh says best whiskey for my Nani. Nani says it will be expensive. Harsh says its okay, have it. Nani drinks.

Harsh gets a message and leaves. Nani looks on. Nick sweats a lot. Pallavi says your BP isn’t normal, how much is it. He says you remember it. She asks medicines? He says I didn’t get it. She calls him careless. He asks her to get quiet, his head is aching.

She gets a home remedy to control high bp. He refuses. She steps on his feet and feeds him the honey ginger mix. She says I got locked here with you, how will the children react knowing this. He asks why, didn’t you get locked with me before.

She says this storeroom is so messed up. He says I have a headache, you talk so much, what do you want. She says I want water. He gives her water and says its sparkling water. She says I don’t want this. He asks her to have it. She drinks it. She coughs.

She says its bad. He sees the vodka bottle and thinks you will get silent now. Manna’s friend comes with Ishaan. Harsh throws Pallavi’s clothes down. He says everything will get burnt, it will be ruined like you ruined Manna and my childhood. Pallavi calls out Nick. She gets drunk. Nick asks her to come down.

He says I will help you. She says don’t touch me, I m a self made woman, I will come down myself. She jumps down the rack. She falls over Nick. Bol hal halke….plays…. She pulls Nick’s cheek and nose. He gets up. Barkha says Ishaan thinks I will feel jealous. She meets a guy. He says I m from New York,

I m finding my friend Manna. She asks him to come. She introduces Sid. Sid hugs Manna. He says Barkha told me about everyone. Sid says I m really hungry, sorry, I will have it first. Gagan says Harsh is going to pay the bill. Sid greets Nani. He says I have come here after you, Manna. Barkha talks to Sid, and makes Ishaan jealous.

Nani asks for more drinks. Barkha says Nani is making us feel embarrassed. Badal says Harsh is missing, do we have to pay the bill, where is he. Harsh checks the property documents. He says I got it, mom, you will get what you deserve. He smiles.


Apnapan 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badal says mum is going to marry again. Manna asks did she accept Ranveer’s proposal. She cries and runs on the road. Ishaan runs to save her. Pallavi is with Nick in the storeroom.


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