Apnapan 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 1st July 2022  Episode starts with Nick saying the old staff can’t go anywhere. Pallavi says you can do anything to hurt me, but I m leaving. Nick says I will handle it. He stops Pallavi and says just calm down.

She says I can’t do this, why are you doing this, why did you come back in our lives. He says I wanted to take this local cuisine global, I had this idea since before, you can understand anything, you work for me now, come on time. Ajeeb dastaan…plays… Manna meets Ishaan.

Ishaan says you are Barkha’s elder sister. She says you are a tragic hero. She says person drinks to forget sorrow, I thought you love Barkha a lot, you are in pain. He asks what do you know about heartbreaks.

She says some people break us completely, I drink and forget the sorrow, take care. She gets over the table and says let it go in style. She smiles. He holds her hand. She says forget it. He says I love Barkha a lot, I can’t forget this.

Everyone waits for Pallavi. Maa says this never happened before, Pallavi never gets late. Pallavi comes downstairs wearing a face mask. Maa asks are you fine. Gagan asks what happened to you. Pallavi says nothing. Ranveer comes to meet Pallavi.

He is also surprised seeing Pallavi. Manna says mom isn’t bad, she protected you. Harsh says she isn’t our mom. Bua comes and says bad news, Nick bought the hotel for Pallavi. Harsh says no. Manna says we can unite back with her. Bua says you both tolerated a lot, not anymore. Manna says sorry, I guess, nothing changes.

Ranveer ask what’s all this. Pallavi asks him not to worry and sit. She says new people will do the work. He says its first day, you should be there on time. She says I know how to deal with him, he is punctual. She sees the time. Nick sees the time and scolds someone. Pallavi and Ranveer come.

Pallavi irritates Nick. She asks for lemon water. She goes to stand in front of the fan. Her hair get loose. Nick recalls their moment. He says you can’t keep the hair loose in the restaurant. Lalita asks Pallavi to come.

Pallavi asks Lalita and Ranveer to decide the menu with Nick. She asks Nick to have lemon water. Ranveer asks what are you doing. Pallavi says I m going home. Nick says there is opening party tonight, you can’t go. She says you have many restaurants, you can manage it without me, I have 30 days paid leave pending.

Nick scolds the carpenter. Nick says you didn’t mail me the leave application, so get back to work. She acts of headache. He says I understand what you are doing. She says time won’t get waste. She goes. He threatens Ranveer of the court case. Pallavi eats the chaat. Ranveer and Lalita go to her. Pallavi says this chaat is too spicy like my wife. She cries.

She says I can handle any bad situation. Lalita says don’t fool us, I know you are in trouble, come with me. Pallavi says no, its really spicy. Pallavi pays for the chaat. Ranveer feels bad for her. Nick asks Shanky to make a guest list of food critics.

Shanky says let the restaurant get set first. Nick says I want them to give a beautiful writeup. Shanky says but Pallavi left. Nick says I don’t need her. Shanky says you mean you will let her go. Nick says see how I uplift this restaurant level, she will come running, else I will drag her to the court.


Apnapan 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi says he can run the restaurant and show me. Nick is with Badal. Harsh gets angry seeing them. Gagan says I have some imp work. Badal says someone is trying to frame me, all the food is ruined.


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