Apnapan 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi saying if knew keeping a relation then you would have not cheated me, Sonali was my sister. Sonali says Pallavi and I were cousins, but we loved each other more than own sisters.

Pallavi says you both cheated me. They both argue. Dadi looks on. They get shocked seeing Dadi. Gagan asks where did Badal disappear. Barkha says I m confused about Ishaan.

He says don’t ask me all this, ask your sister Manna, you love her these days. He goes. Manna comes and asks what do you want to ask. Barkha says nothing. Dadi asks what’s going on, will anyone tell me. Nick thinks did she hear us. She asks why is Pallavi crying. Pallavi says we were arguing about dinner.

Dadi says I was scared thinking something else. They have a talk. Nick hides the wine glass. Dadi asks what is he hiding. He says nothing. Pallavi says its nothing. Dadi says we will make veg biryani tonight, I decide in Pallavi’s favor. She goes. Nick shuts the door. He says you still think that I had an affair with Sonali. She says I have seen it myself, how can you deny it.

He says you will never understand me, this is my problem. She says don’t worry, mum shouldn’t know anything. He says even the kids shouldn’t know that we got divorced because of Sonali, then I will never forgive you. He goes. Pallavi walks on the road and cries. It rains.

Lalita sees her and comes to her. She calls out Pallavi. She hugs Pallavi and asks where are you going. Pallavi says don’t know. Lalita asks her to come along. Nick gets angry. Shanky asks why are you so angry. Nick says Pallavi and my differences can’t get over. Lalita takes care of Pallavi. They leave.

Shanky takes care of Nick’s finger wound. He asks what happened, tell me the matter. Lalita asks who is Sonali, how is Nick related to her. Pallavi says I loved both of them a lot, they both cheated me. She recalls Sonali and her past moment. Sonali comes to pick up Pallavi. She says Jaisingh is hot.

Pallavi says I m his caretaker, he is old. Sonali says I m talking of Nikhil Jaisingh, help me get him. Pallavi says no, he is much ahead. Sonali says just imagine, if we both get married then we will go abroad, you won’t need to work, I will take you in dowry. Pallavi says he isn’t husband material.

Sonali says he is rich, good looking… She sees Nikhil and goes to greet. She says my bike broke down, can you give us lift. Pallavi says its not needed. Nick says why not, but you should listen to your sister. He goes. Pallavi says stay away from him. Nick says Pallavi was dad’s caretaker, dad used to stay ill, Pallavi used to take care of him well, dad was impressed by her, she won my dad’s heart.

He recalls Pallavi taking care of his dad. He says Pallavi and I came across for the first time that day. They recall the past. Nick says we were going to have dinner tonight, but some other day. Pallavi stops him and asks him to give medicines to his dad, he is his son, is it imp to go out and enjoy with friends. His dad smiles.

Nick’s dad stops Nick and says I have to decide about my property, I have decided to give it to you, you will get it when you marry Pallavi. Nick asks what, I can’t do this. His mum says we both decided this, you won’t get the property, you will get everything after your marriage.

Nick says this is not fair, I don’t love her. His mum says you have to marry Pallavi. He goes to Pallavi and scolds her. She says I will give you everything, I m not interested in any property, I will sign wherever you say. FB ends. Nick says I liked this about her, she had no greed, I was wrong that I won’t fall in love, I fell in true love with Pallavi.

FB shows Nick seeing Pallavi and Sonali at the chaat stall. He goes and eats the chaat. Sonali thinks he came here for me. Nick and Pallavi start bonding. Pallavi says something was changing between us, Sonali loved him, I told Nick that I m not interested in him. Nick says I started loving Pallavi madly.


Apnapan 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick says I didn’t lose, finally we both decided to get married. Pallavi says everything changed, then Sonali came in our life. Nick says she started behaving different in front of Sonali.


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