Apnapan 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 22nd July 2022 Episode starts with Vishal trying to run away. Pallavi’s children stop him. Vishal says she forgot her status. Nick beats him more. Everyone asks him to beat Vishal more. Nick says next time, if you try to trouble Pallavi or my kids, I will kill you. Vishal says I was doing your work.

Nick asks what, did you do this because of me, Pallavi is my ex wife, did you think I will believe anything, I know her well, she can never do such a thing, I will insult you in front of everyone, you are a big liar, everyone should know. Vishal apologizes. Nick asks him to apologize to Pallavi. Vishal apologizes to her.

She slaps him. Nick says if Pallavi loves someone, then its her life, it doesn’t mean that someone stains her character, I also have two daughters, I will not tolerate this. He asks Shanky to take Vishal to the police. Everyone claps for Nick. The kids love Nick. Pallavi smiles.

Nani blesses Nick and hugs. Nandita says high intensity drama. Harsh says we are not here to spoil her reputation. She says how does it matter, just rush it up a bit. He nods. Pallavi goes. Waiter says Sir, you are really our hero. Nani and Nick have a drink. Pallavi thinks sorry, I misunderstood you Nikhil.

Lalita goes to her and jokes. Nandita says real drama will begin now, Pallavi. A man comes to meet Pallavi. He says I m advocate Vikrant. She says your wife had given me the first order. He says yes, there was much family drama, I have work, you don’t know I m a big lawyer in Meerut.

She says yes, I never needed a lawyer. He says you will need it now for Gagan and Badal’s custody. Nandita says you will get the papers soon, they both are underaged, Nick wants his children to stay with him, court doesn’t accept casual talks. He says you already took Nick’s children with you.

Nandita says Harsh and Manna, Nick supported you, do you think everything got fine, no, please, don’t be mistaken, Nick is a thorough gentleman, he would have done this for some other woman also. He says court will decide it now. Pallavi says they are my kids, there won’t be any case. She goes. Nandita says case has begun. Pallavi looks for some papers.

She says they are my kids, he can’t take them. Nani says Nick will never take the kids, don’t worry. Pallavi says I m getting punished, I m not a good mum, we have no time, we have to rush. Nani asks her to stop it. She cries. She pacifies Pallavi. Pallavi says I won’t let my courage break. She goes.

Nani gets the files. She finds it empty. Gagan and Badal praise Nick. Harsh says Bollywood hangover, losers. Manna asks do you want coffee. Harsh says yes. Gagan and Badal imitate Harsh. Pallavi comes downstairs. Badal, Barkha and Gagan hug her.

Gagan says you made one mistake, you didn’t tell us about Vishal, we would have beaten him. Harsh says you handle yourself, dad has handled the situation. Manna defends the family. He says you are saying right. Pallavi says its okay. Barkha asks about Ranveer’s proposal.

Nani says no, its not a lie. Pallavi says its complicated. Nani asks her to give them the good news. She says Ranveer wants to marry Pallavi. Manna says that means it was true, I should have died. Pallavi asks why are you crying. Manna says I m stupid, I expected a normal family. Pallavi says I m not marrying anyone.

She hugs Manna. She says my family is my life, you all are with me, that’s my world. She hugs everyone. She calls Harsh. Nani says we will take a pic. She clicks a pic. Barkha says I will upload this.

Harsh goes. Nani says the property file has nothing, how, who can take the papers. Pallavi says I will find it. She smiles seeing the pic and says this is my life, I m more stubborn than my life, I can do anything to keep these smiles. She recalls Nick and cries.

Pallavi thanks Ranveer. He says I know your answer, I m not prepared for heartbreak, I m always your best friend, your support system. She says I know, come, thanks for bringing the cake. She takes the cake. She says I will wake up everyone, its going to be 12 now. Manna sees Ranveer and gets angry. Gagan thinks what’s Ranveer doing here. Nick thinks I can’t tolerate if anyone sees you.


Apnapan 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi says its mummy’s birthday. They all celebrate and dance. She asks Ranveer to come with her to the lawyer. Nick says I will celebrate with my family this time.


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