Apnapan 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 23rd August 2022 Episode starts with Barkha saying we will ignore Harsh. Badal and Gagan come. They ask what will we do when Nick and Pallavi get Sid here. Barkha says I will kill Sid, who will protect him from me, Manna is in our team now. Manna says don’t worry, I m on your side, after doing so much, he isn’t sorry.

Gagan says fine, we are a team, mission boycott Harsh. Pallavi thinks Nick has become so selfish. He says we can control our kids by watching these videos. She asks what, we have to discuss their issues.

He says our kids don’t listen to us, am I saying wrong. She says Harsh told that he doesn’t want a rakhi, can you handle him. Nick says you talk to Manna. She says we will talk to kids and sort this. He says yes, you talk to Barkha, I will handle Harsh. They both turn away and think kids have gone on them.

Nani and Dadi have a talk. Nani asks her to dream good things, they will celebrate with family. Nani talks to the star and says its Kuku’s dad. Nani says I will sleep now. Pallavi comes from a bath. Nick looks at her. She dries her hair.

He says I m doing all this for mum. She says yes, I m also doing this for mum. She lies to sleep. He goes to her. She gets up and their heads collide. She asks him to collide their heads again.

He says I was asking you to sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the floor. She says no, I m okay, I m habitual, you aren’t, you will blame me for the backache. They start arguing. She prays and sleeps. Its morning, Pallavi gets the tea for Nani. She talks to her kids. Dadi looks on. The milk vendor comes.

Dadi asks all the kids to come to her. She shouts and calls Nick. She asks Nick to go and get the milk. She asks is Pallavi a servant. Nick says they do much wrong, but Pallavi has a habit to do the work, right. Pallavi says no, you do the work and get the milk. Nick says yes, why not. She teases him. Everyone laughs.

The man asks Nick who is he, he doesn’t stay here. Nick asks him to give the milk. Pallavi laughs. Nick asks for four litres of milk. The man says Pallavi takes three litres every day. He gives the milk. Nick says you added water in the milk.

They have a funny argument. Everyone laughs. Nick gives the milk bowl to Pallavi. Dadi says everyone is lazy here. Badal says no, we will help mom. Dadi asks them to go and get ready, come on time.

She goes. Nick asks did you have fun. Pallavi says yes. She laughs. Barkha says I won’t tie rakhi to Harsh. Harsh says I won’t get the rakhi tied by you two. Nick says its time. Pallavi says yes, we have to do what we had decided, keep the milk in the kitchen. Nick and Pallavi make the food together.

The kids look on and get happy. Barkha says you both together in kitchen. Pallavi says yes. Barkha likes her fav dish and thanks Pallavi. Pallavi says you prepare the rakhis and thalis. Barkha says okay, understood. Manna says yes. Nick asks Manna to come. He says I made your fav dish, tie the rakhi to your three brothers, then we will have it. Manna and Barkha say we know it. Gagan says bribing is a crime.

Badal says I m with my sisters this time. Pallavi says new mall opened, we will go together, Barkha can buy anything she wants. Nick says we booked luxury spa for you both. Manna says how exciting. Barkha says good try. Manna says Barkha won’t tie the rakhi to Harsh. They go.

Nick and Pallavi taunt each other. Harsh meets Nandita. He says dad is sharing Pallavi’s room. She asks what. He says trust me, the great Indian joint family is back, its because of Dadi. She says its Pallavi’s drama, don’t know what she told to mum, my mum gives importance to Pallavi.

He says I can understand how you are feeling. She says you aren’t doing anything, go and tell the truth to Dadi. He says we can’t do this, it can be risky for Dadi’s health, she can die, she is your mom, how can you say so.

She says yes, sorry, I forgot, she is my mum, she will get unwell, we can’t tell her, anyways, have your salad, go and play Rakshabandhan with them, keep me updated. He leaves. She says my mum will change this drama into reality, I hav to get mum from there.


Apnapan 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick and Barkha get emotional seeing the kids united. The sisters tie the rakhi to Badal and Gagan. Nick thinks it will be a problem if they don’t tie the rakhi to Harsh.


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