Apnapan 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 23rd June 2022 Episode starts with Barkha reading Nick’s letter and seeing the money in the bag. She hides it. Pallavi asks Barkha not to talk to Nick. Maa asks her to go and prepare for the orders. Gagan looks on.

Pallavi, Lalita and Badal are busy in catering for the wedding. The lady asks Pallavi to make more Dahi wada, the guests are really liking it. Pallavi says my daughter also likes it a lot. Badal says Barkha doesn’t like it.

Manna eats the Dahi wada and says I love it. She talks to Nick and asks him to come to the party, the food is really tasty. She asks shall we give the catering order for the wedding to them. He asks which wedding, where are you,

I will come to pick you. She asks him to ask Bua. Shanky says you said Pallavi has warned you. Nick says I don’t care. Gagan is on the way with his friend. She says you don’t gate crash this party, they are rich people.

Gagan says mum is busy in catering, I will enjoy the party, she won’t ask me when am I coming home. She asks did you steal these new clothes. Shanky and Nick come there. Gagan asks her to go and let him enjoy.

She sees the money bundle fallen from his pocket. He asks her to leave it. She falls down. Nick sees him and thinks he is misbehaving. He slaps Gagan and asks did your parents teach this to you.

Gagan says dad would have taught if he was there. Bitti says we are good friends, we were just joking. Nick scolds them. Gagan says he is my dad. Nick enters the party hall. He takes selfies with the people.

Pallavi is in the kitchen. Nick goes looking for Manna. He sees Manna. He says lets leave. Manna says you came in dad’s mode today, because of the marriage, you want to show you are responsible, make me meet your GF. He asks who told you about the wedding. She says I should know about you second marriage.

He asks what, I m not getting married. Bua comes and asks what’s going on, what’s it about marriage. He says I m not marrying, can we pack the bags and leave. Manna says I have close friends here, you leave.

Pallavi sends Badal. Manna drops a bottle. Pallavi helps her. Manna says my dad doesn’t care for me, dad came here so that I don’t create a problem in his second marriage, I drink to get his attention but no use. Pallavi asks her to have water. She scolds her. Manna asks do you have a right on me.

Pallavi says I would have scolded my daughter in your place. She gives her dahi wada. Manna likes it. Nick eats the Dahi wada. He recalls Pallavi. They share a sweet moment. He says we will name the babies Dahi and wada. Pallavi asks what shall I do of you. He says lets make dahi wada.

She runs. He lifts her. FB ends. The lady introduces Pallavi to the guests. Bua comes downstairs and sees Pallavi. Pallavi is shocked. The lady says this is my friend Nandita. Bua says food is lovely, how do you make such good food. Pallavi sees Nick. Bua introduces Nick. She gives her a tip and insults her.

Nick asks Nandini not to do this. He says the food was tasty, can we go now. Pallavi calls Shambu and says he has worked hard in the cooking. She gives the money to him. She goes. Nick asks why did you make a scene, lets go and find Manna.

Gagan is with his GF. She says so you are Nick Jay’s son, then what’s the need for your mom to do catering, you are lying. She tells this to all the friends. Gagan says mum does what she wants, I m Nick’s son, I have to match his standard, this jacket is worth 45000rs, I got this for 21000rs, shoes worth 8000rs,

truth won’t change, I m the Nick Jay’s son. Manna comes there and hears him. She asks are you serious, so my mum has come to meet your mom. Nick says I m sorry on Nandini’s behalf, I m going tomorrow.

Pallavi says you did what you wanted, will you go and celebrate, your family thinks you can buy anything with money, no, my family is my biggest asset, I have peace in my world, you came to snatch my peace. They argue.

Ajeeb dastaan…plays… He hears Manna and goes. Manna says I told you about dad’s second marriage, he has a whole new world. Nick asks her to stop the drama. Manna argues. She says wow, you are the father of the year.

She asks him to ask Gagan, dad has a second home and second family here. Pallavi asks Gagan what are you doing here. Gagan says mummy… Nick sees Gagan. Pallavi sees Manna. Manna says so you are his mummy, welcome in our life, I m Nick Jay’s daughter, you are my dad’s mistress. Nick stops her.

Pallavi says you don’t know what you are saying. Manna asks her to tell her the truth. She says better speak up now, who is she. Pallavi says shut up. Manna asks who are you to shout on me. Pallavi says your mom. Manna gets shocked.


Apnapan 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi says Manna was roaming drunk and you don’t care. Nandita says she uses relations for money. Manna says you care a lot for me. Pallavi cries.


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