Apnapan 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 24th June 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi recalling little Manna. Manna says I don’t remember your face, dad said mum isn’t alive, but she is alive. The guests gossip. Manna asks how did mum come.

Lalita says wow, you are so smart, you become detectives, fools. Pallavi asks Badal to come and pack the bags. Nick sees Badal and Gagan. He recalls his words. He goes after Pallavi and asks why didn’t you tell me about our twins. She says they are my children why didn’t you say about Manna.

He says I can handle her, you don’t care about that, think why did Barkha contact me, why did Barkha leave the house. She says enough, don’t say a word more. Badal says come with us, else you will get ill. Nick takes Manna. Gagan looks on. He leaves with Bitti. Pallavi and Badal also leave.

Gagan says dad and Manna are living a good life since ages. Barkha says Nani would know. Pallavi says we will talk after Barkha’s engagement party. Gagan asks who all are there in the party. She goes. He asks Nani to say.

Nani says Manna is elder to you three, have patience, Pallavi will tell you everything. Pallavi recalls Nick. She cries. She recalls Nick’s affair and their breakup.

She hugs Manna’s childhood dress. Manna messages Harsh that their mum is alive, they have more siblings. Nick asks Nandini why didn’t she tell about his twins. She says you have no time for your children.

He says I feel guilty that we separated the children, you could have stopped me from taking this decision. She says give some money to Pallavi and lets leave. Shanky says we have sent 50 lakhs to her. She asks what, this is Pallavi, she can do anything for money, she is amazing, she was always after money.

Nick signs no. She says yes, she can think well, she has been a gold digger, she knows it well how to use the relatives to get money, think about it. Barkha says I m going to the parlour. Nani asks her to go.

She asks Gagan to close the door. He asks did Barkha run away. Nani says give this bag to your dad. He thinks I have stolen money from this bag. He asks what’s the need. Nani says if Pallavi knows about money, then it will be a big issue, don’t do anything wrong. He says fine, I swear on you. He crosses the finger.

The people talk about Pallavi and Nick. Pallavi comes home. The lady says don’t care for their words. The guest asks about Nick. The lady says Nick is rich, why is Pallavi struggling. Ishaan’s mum comes to help Pallavi in the preparations.

Pallavi asks her to sit, she will get the food. Ishaan’s Bua says my friend told me that Pallavi’s daughter was too drunk, Nick was also there. Pallavi says Manna is Barkha’s daughter. Ishaan’s Bua says yes, she was different.

Manna comes there and introduces herself. She asks is someone getting married. Pallavi says you are still drunk. Manna asks why are you worried for me, I never had my mum, I thought my mum is dead, but you are alive, I wish I never got to know this, you are a wound that can never heal.

Manna says you damaged my soul. Ishaan’s Bua interrupts. Manna says Pallavi doesn’t care for me. Pallavi takes her along. Nick waits for Manna. Gagan returns the bag and says Barkha asked me to return this.

Nick stops him and says I raised hand on you, sorry. Gagan says you can beat me, I m your son, you can say sorry for leaving us, 50000rs is less, I bought party clothes, sorry that I took the money, I will return the money to you. He leaves. Nandita says Manna isn’t in her room. Nick gives the money to Nandita. He thinks to do a father’s duty. She thinks Pallavi and her kids can’t unite with us.


Apnapan 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manna spends time with Pallavi and Barkha. Pallavi thinks everything is getting spoiled since Nick came in our lives.


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