Apnapan 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 26th September 2022 Episode starts with Sonali saying how can I leave you alone, just wear the seat belt and switch on the GPS. She calls Pallavi. Pallavi answers. She hears Sonali and Nikhil. She says where are they going together. Sonali disconnects. Pallavi says Nikc went with Sonali without telling me.

She sees Nani welcoming the guests. Pallavi calls Nick. Sonali asks him not to tell the truth to Nick. She says you know how Pallavi reacts. Nick answers and lies to Pallavi about a meeting. She asks what shall I tell mum. He says tell her that I will come soon. She asks are you going alone.

He says no, some people are with me, they will help me. Sonali says thank God, Pallavi didn’t doubt. She thinks Pallavi doubts completely now. Pallavi thinks my hope is my mistake, I was wrong to trust Nikhil, how can he lie to me. Sonali and Nick are on the way. She says Pallavi didn’t give any choice to Gagan, so Gagan had to lie, she is so controlling and possessive.

He says she is his mum, she worries for her child, she is a good mum, this isn’t called controlling, I also felt strange when they asked Gagan for one lakh, a mum’s instincts are never wrong, Pallavi’s instincts are never wrong. She holds his hand and asks really, aren’t they wrong. He asks her to drive.

Dadi asks where is Nick, I have to show everyone my perfect son and bahu. Pallavi says yes, I m lucky, Nick is stuck in a meeting. Nimmi taunts her. Nani and Dadi praise Nick. Barkha comes and tries to please Nimmi. Nimmi praises Manna’s class. Barkha cries. She collides with Pallavi. Pallavi consoles Barkha. Barkha lies in her lap and cries.

She asks what’s bothering you. Barkha sees the dress. Nick comes to the hospital. He meets Gagan and hugs.

Gagan says I took the car, listen to me. Nick says its okay. Gagan says sorry, I took Harsh’s car without asking him, the car got damaged. Nick says cars will come, we should worry about Pallavi, she made your fav aloo tikki, we will call her. Gagan says don’t tell her anything, I was going to get the papers to convince you and him.

Doctor says Gagan can’t travel, he may fall dizzy, he had a concussion, he has to stay here tonight. Sonali says its okay, we will find a hotel and stay back, you call home and tell everything. Nick agrees. Pallavi asks shall I call Manna. Barkha asks why, Manna is perfect, what mistake did I do, Nimmi was praising Manna, I was serving the guests,

Manna has become VIP, I have to become like Manna. Pallavi says no, we all are different, don’t compare yourself with anyone, my Barkha is special. Sonali asks what, just one room is available. She goes to Nick and says just one room is booked. The man says yes Sir, we have a suite available. Nick says we will go to hospital and take a deluxe room. Gagan says no, I don’t want to go there.

She says we will stay here tonight, Pallavi won’t know, she won’t get upset, we will stay for Gagan’s sake. Nick nods. Pallavi consoles Barkha. She shows Sonali and her pic. Nick takes Gagan. He asks Gagan to take rest. Sonali says its okay, we can’t clarify to everyone. She stumbles. Nick holds her. Sonali says Nick will be mine.


Apnapan 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonali asks Nandita to shock Pallavi. She says Pallavi will leave Sonali on her own. Sonali cries and act in front of Nick. Nandita comes home and tells about Nick’s trip.


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