Apnapan 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 27th July 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi crying. Lalita gets the tea for her. Pallavi says I have done a lot all these years, why do people think that a man is needed for the children. Lalita says people think so, stop overthinking.

Pallavi asks what’s the need for Nick to come back, by breaking our understanding, I have seen Harsh and Manna, they are broken, they got money but not love, if I want to keep them for their betterment, then why do I need to fight.

Lalita says our right can be wrong for the other person, you are very strong, you can handle this. Pallavi says I m tired, I don’t want to be strong. She cries. Lalita says you can handle this. Pallavi says this time, its not easy, Nikhil has come back in our lives, I m scared, I don’t want to lose my kids. She hugs Lalita.

The kids are dancing in the party. Pallavi says I m losing my identity of a mother, I m advised that marriage is the only solution now. Lalita says come with me, talk to Nick, we will explain him. Pallavi says Nick just fights with me. Lalita asks them to talk peacefully. Pallavi says I loved Nick and now I hate him, he is pulling me to the court, I have to find a solution.

Barkha talks to Sid. He jokes on Ishaan. Barkha says Ishaan is very sweet, it would be Manna’s idea to make him a villain. Ishaan asks how can a guy flirt with two girls at the same time. Manna says forget it, he is a loser, come, dance with me.

They dance. Badal and everyone think what’s in the gift. Manna asks them to give the gift, its for her. She sits upset. The box falls. The gift breaks. Manna gets sad. Badal opens the gift box. He sees Nick’s trophy. He says its dad’s award. Nick and Nani come. Nick says it was an international award.

Nani says he came here to celebrate this award, you all ruined it all, you should be ashamed. They all say sorry. Nick says I got this award by hardwork. Ranveer asks Pallavi not to worry. She says its about my kids. He says we have to finalize one lawyer. She says I want the best lawyer, I can’t lose my kids.

He says we will go home and celebrate aunty’s birthday, then we will think which lawyer to hire. Harsh comes to meet the lawyer and asks for his papers. Lawyer asks him to sign the papers. Badal gets scared. Nick scolds him. Nick says life isn’t a joke. Nani says yes, we have to make it a joke, have fun. They all laugh.

Manna asks didn’t you feel bad that we broke your award. Nick says no, its fine. He hugs her. Harsh drops the papers. Pallavi doesn’t see him. Nani says its my sweetheart’s birthday, you guys are rocking.

Barkha and Gagan say you can’t attend this party. Nick asks what, you guys are ganging up on me. Gagan asks did you think we will accept you. Barkha asks Nick to go and get ready according to the party, laugh now. Nick laughs. Harsh comes home. He hears the music. He says its good, they can party for the last time, all thanks to Pallavi. Nick comes in the party. He dances on Meri umar ke Nao jawaano… They all dance. Nani gets ready and comes. She dances with them.

Harsh sees them happy with Nick. Manna asks Harsh to come, dad is really happy. She says I didn’t see him so happy before. Harsh says dad wasn’t there for us, he hardly met us, and look here, he is so happy, he never remembered our birthdays.

She says people change, dad changed for the better, we are together. He says we are outsiders. She says no, we can stay like a normal family, we were hurt, but lets enjoy this moment. Nick gets a drink for Nani. He says I m very happy today. Harsh thinks Pallavi made everything away from me, even Manna and also dad, just wait and watch.


Apnapan 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandita says make sure that Nick and Pallavi’s misunderstanding stays. Pallavi thinks Nick is behaving good, won’t he drag me to the court for custody.


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