Apnapan 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 27th September 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi telling Barkha about Sonali and her difference in personality. She says my feelings of being different has helped me. She asks Barkha to accept herself, then others also accept them.

she says we become strong and we don’t care for others. Barkha asks didn’t you try to become like Sonali. Pallavi hugs her and says its my strength that I didn’t become like her. Sonali says sorry and goes. Pallavi says believe yourself, stop comparing yourself with Manna, you are complete.

Barkha says wow, you look pretty in this pic. Pallavi says we should have someone who accepts us completely, there should be no misunderstanding between Manna and you, else it spoils the relations. Barkha hugs her. Pallavi thinks your and Manna’s relation won’t be like Sonali and my relation.

Sonali calls Nandita and takes her help. She tells some plan. Pallavi talks to Lalita. Lalita calls Shanky. Pallavi asks about Nick’s meeting. He says Nick cancelled it. Pallavi says I told you, I asked Nick to take Sonali away.

Dadi and Nani take tickets for Pallavi and her. Nimmi asks where is your perfect bahu. Pallavi comes and says sorry. Nani wins. Nimmi says you did cheating. Nani says I don’t cheat. Dadi asks Pallavi to call Shanky and ask about Nick.

Nandita comes and says Nick has gone to Faridabad. Dadi asks what is he doing there. Lalita asks how do you know about it. Nandita says he has gone there, I got to know from the debit card transaction details, he is at the hotel. The ladies mock the perfect family. Nandita makes fun of Pallavi.

Lalita argues to defend Pallavi. She says Pallavi makes her own rules in her game. Nandita says she loses when she plays with others. Dadi stops Nandita. She says that ticket is mine, do you think I have lost. Nandita says I m talking about Pallavi. Dadi says you and Nimmi have a good match. Nandita asks who is Nimmi.

Dadi says this lady. Nandita says she is so middle class. Dadi asks her why did Nick go to Faridabad. Nimmi says people make promises to break. Barkha comes and says no, dad is a workaholic, he never breaks his promise. Nimmi says it doesn’t seem so. Nandita says Nick is single, he can do anything.

Dadi asks what are you saying. Nandita says Nick and Pallavi didn’t get married, he is still a bachelor, he can go out and do anything, it doesn’t matter, Pallavi knows everything about Nick. Pallavi says he knows his responsibility towards the family, Nick will call and apologize to Dadi. Nandita says if he was responsible, then you would have known it. Nimmi says we will bet on this. Pallavi gets sad and thinks Nick call once for mum’s sake.

Nick calls Dadi. Pallavi smiles. Lalita taunts Nimmi and Nandita. Nick says sorry, I couldn’t come. Nimmi says put the call on speaker. He lies about the meeting. They ladies ask Nick to tell Pallavi that he is missing her. Nick says I miss you Pallavi. Sonali gets shocked. Dadi asks Pallavi to talk to Nick. Pallavi asks why didn’t you come,

tell me the truth. Nick says conference got delayed. She thinks you are still lying. Dadi asks him to come home by morning and attend the puja. He says I will come. He talks to Gagan. He asks him to talk to Pallavi. Gagan nods. Lalita gets a cake and says Nick has sent this. Everyone smiles.

Dadi says my son apologizes in style, even the children know that their dad is busy in work, its called a perfect family. Everyone claps. Nandita gets Sonali’s message. She replies her. Sonali asks Gagan did you take medicines. He says yes, we have to go home in morning. Sonali gets angry.


Apnapan 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi talks to Dadi. Nick takes care of Sonali. He thinks to handle the situation. He thinks where did Sonali go at night.


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