Apnapan 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 28th October 2022 Episode starts with Nandita asking how can my plan fail. Sonali says Ranveer is a joker. Nandita says that waiter was a joker, you made him write on that envelope, you could have written on it.

Sonali scolds her. She goes in anger. Nandita says what will she do, will she harm Pallavi’s life, please Sonali, don’t do anything wrong. The kids are with Pallavi and ask her is she okay. Manna says you handled everything so well with dignity. Badal says yes, how do you have such patience.

Pallavi says lies need to get shouted loud, truth doesn’t need it, my kids are with me. Badal says I m also ready to fight any battle for you. Pallavi says its enough of emotional talk, go and attend the guests, I will get ready and come. They go. Sonali comes to Pallavi and keeps a knife at her neck.

She scolds Pallavi. She says I can do anything, you know it, how did you think of marrying Nick, he is mine. She laughs and asks how long will you hide this secret, no, I won’t let this happen. She threatens Pallavi. She says just think, what will happen of Nick, you love him a lot, he loves you, when he hates you,

what will happen, he will shatter. She throws their pic and laughs. Sonali says everything will shatter like this pic frame. Pallavi cries. Manna says I also want a life partner who respects me and fights the world, I m so proud of dad, who took a stand for mom. Gagan jokes. Badal asks why did mom and you get separated. Nick says forget it, its past. Barkha says yes, we will talk of happiness.

They all hug. Dadi comes. Nick says I want to do this marriage, even Pallavi wants this. Dadi asks do you want to go this for my sake, you and Pallavi were acting. Nick says I won’t lie, we were marrying for your sake, your health was getting fine because of us, you made us realize that Pallavi and I still care for each other.

He explains Dadi and says Pallavi and I are meant to be together. Sonali shouts on Pallavi. Pallavi says Nick held my hand 18 years back, and even today he is going to hold my hand, he is ready to fight with everyone for my sake, what do you think, things will change if you scare me. Sonali says you are right,

much will change, your family, status, things changed in Dadi’s eyes, your dream will be ruined, you will lose Nick forever. She behaves mad and scares Pallavi. Nick dances with his kids on Sauda khara khara… Badal asks Nandita to come. Nick says Pallavi is taking much time to get ready. Pallavi sees everyone happy. She says I can’t do this. Sonali calls a lady home. Pallavi recalls and thinks that nurse…

no… Sonali says this secret will ruin your family, what about your kids and Nick, what will they go through, you are sensible to think. Nick turns and doesn’t see Pallavi there. Pandit asks them to come for the marriage, mahurat is passing. Nick sends Manna. Nandita asks Sonali did you murder Pallavi.

Sonali says I murdered her dreams. Nandita asks what did you do. Sonali says no. Manna comes downstairs. He asks where is Pallavi. Dadi says Pallavi should come on time. Sonali signs Nandita. Nick says I will go and see. He sees Pallavi wearing a casual saree, instead the bridal attire. Nick says everyone is waiting for our marriage. She says I can’t marry you. He gets shocked.


Apnapan 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonali marries Nick. Dadi says you gave away your everything for this family’s sake. Sonali smiles seeing Nick.


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