Apnapan 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 28th September 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi saying I just arrange the mess. She says I m worried. Lalita pacifies her. Sonali says I have no problem in waking up in the morning, think of Gagan. Gagan says dad is a coward, he can’t say anything in front of mum. Nick asks what did you say. Gagan jokes.

He says Nick Jay, the world famous chef is scared of his wife. Sonali says Pallavi isn’t his wife yet, marriage didn’t happen. Gagan laughs at him. Nick says I m not scared like you. Gagan says you don’t listen to her, I also don’t listen to her. Lalita and Pallavi sit talking. Pallavi says yes, I m scared, what will happen if anyone says something,

I can’t handle this once again, don’t tell me that I should say this seeing in your eyes. Lalita says fine, just tell me, why are you hurt, that Nick’s mum is unwell, or do you have feelings for Nick even today. Pallavi says I have nothing in heart for him. Lalita says okay, fine. She sees the medicines.

She says Nick’s BP medicine is here. Pallavi says he always forgets, I told him many times but he forgets. Nick gets Pallavi’s call. She tells about his medicines. He says I will get it and have it right now. She says don’t lie. Lalita says you are also lying, you care for Nick. Pallavi says Nick forgot his medicines,

he is outside, so… Barkha sees Dadi eating sweets. She gets Pallavi there. Pallavi complains about the children. Dadi says I love you all, so I will not change the plan on your saying, if I have to eat the karela, then you have to wake up early. Pallavi says I will be happy if my kids are happy, nothing else matters. Manna says dad isn’t here, else it would have been fun. Pallavi suggests Antakshari.

Pallavi gets sad. Lalita asks what happened. Nick says Sonali, thanks for everything. Sonali holds him and says you would have not managed alone, its good we have come together. He says of course, I got the dinner, it got bit cold. She says I remember, Pallavi didn’t like you eating the pickles. He says yes, I get unwell after eating it.

She says I won’t say him. Nick thinks to tell Sonali that she has to leave soon, she can’t live with us. Sonali thinks is he thinking to ask me to leave. Pallavi and everyone play Antakshari. She says mum has gone to sleep.

They all sing and have fun. Pallavi smiles. Dadi says you are making me go old. Sonali cries and asks can you get my husband back and end Pallavi’s bitterness. Nick says I can’t help in this matter, but you can tell me if you need money. He thinks how can I neglect the matter that her husband committed suicide.

She thinks he wants me to leave the house, very soon, he won’t be able to stop me from staying in his house, but he has to stop me, what shall I do. She gets an idea. She breaks a glass and screams.

Pallavi sings Ajeeb dastaan and recalls Nick. Nick finds Sonali hurt and lifts her in arms. She imagines this. She says it was a dream. He asks her to handle herself. He says I will call the room service to clean this, you take rest. The family enjoys the game. Pallavi thinks if Nick was here, then he would have seen how our family is getting united.


Apnapan 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manager says your wife has left. Nick looks for her. Dadi asks where is Nick. Nick thinks where did Sonali go. He hears her scream.


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