Apnapan 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 29th July 2022 Episode starts with Nani saying I have always supported you, but he also has a right to give anything to the kids, he is their father. Nick says I wanted to spend time with my kids, you won’t let me do this, you are stubborn and possessive. Pallavi says yes, I m stubborn, so I m alive for my kids.

Harsh thinks its filmi drama, not bad. Ishaan asks Manna are you fine. She says no, something always happens. Pallavi says you are playing a game with me.

Nick asks her to go and get treated. They shout and argue. Nick says you think just you are right. Ranveer says say something. Nani says none can stop them, let it happen. He asks were they always such. She says they won’t get quiet or lose.

Nick says ask the kids what they want. Pallavi recalls the lawyer’s words. She says I can do anything for my kids, I have raised them all alone, father is imp, right, a family doesn’t complete without a father, fine, I will give them a father and complete my family, Ranveer will complete this family. Ranveer, Nick and everyone get shocked. Pallavi says he is a nice person, he can become a good father for the kids. Nick cries.

Pallavi goes to Ranveer and cries. Nick says you decided it, then fine, I will not stop you, I never stopped you, but kids are mine, I m their father, you can’t come between me and my kids, the war is on. Pallavi says fine, lets begin, I m ready.

He says of course you are ready, you have a habit to make anyone feel useless, you made me feel useless, its about my kids, I won’t get silent. They argue. He says we had decided that my kids will be with me, you can’t keep your word. She says you didn’t give love to the kids, you came to tell me what’s a father’s love.

He asks will you tell me what to do. He says Ranveer, I really want you to be happy, but you can never make Pallavi happy, she will never believe you, even if you die, you have time, don’t marry her, you will get ruined. Ranveer says please calm down. Pallavi asks what relation did you keep that you get the best husband’s award, what did you do with Sonali. He says you did it. They see the kids.

Nick says I m sorry and leaves. Harsh smiles. Gagan asks who is Sonali. Barkha asks were you going to tell us in the marriage mandap. Pallavi says don’t ask me anything. She asks Ranveer to come with her, she has to talk to him. The kids hug and cry. Harsh thinks this entertainment is enough for today. Nani thinks nobody should know about Sonali. Pallavi asks what did I say. Ranveer asks her to relax.

She says sorry. He says you said that to keep the kids with you, I know you, your world is your kids, I respect you seeing your dedication for the kids. She says I can’t use you for my situation, I can’t play with your sentiments, I can’t play the wife’s role, so you can refuse for this marriage if you want, you might have felt bad, I told that suddenly in front of everyone.

He wipes her tears. He says your courage makes you special, I can never feel bad of your words, I m your best friend, I will always be, even after marriage. She says don’t know what good I did that I got a friend like you, thank you. They smile. Nick angrily drives his car. He recalls Pallavi’s words. Pallavi recalls Nick’s words. She recalls her past.

She says Sonali’s matter came out today. Nick thinks how did you take Sonali’s name, that death, that pain, why. He recalls Sonali’s death. He says it wasn’t Sonali’s mistake, why did you take her name.

Everyone is upset. Sid asks them to have a drink. Manna says mom said she won’t marry. Barkha says stop this emotional drama, its so embarrassing. Badal says no need to judge mom. Harsh asks Manna not to cry for Pallavi. Sid looks for his phone. He sees Barkha’s phone left live. He says oh no, this is Barkha’s phone, the app is still live, it means the drama got uploaded on social media.

He worries. He says really sorry, I m leaving. Barkha asks for her phone. Sid gives the phone. The battery goes off. He says put it on charging. He leaves. Nandita comes to Nick. He asks how did you know that I m here. She says you used to come here and sit in childhood when you were upset, how can I forget the place that comforts you. He asks did you get to know everything.

She says of course, I have raised Harsh and Manna. He says I know, you took care of them. She says I will always be there for you. He says I didn’t thank you. She says they are my kids, I have raised them with love, I m much hurt that they aren’t with me, how can Pallavi be so mean and do this, she thought she will come and take our kids, and we won’t do anything. He says no, my kids will stay with me, she can’t make Ranveer the father of my kids, I won’t let this happen.


Apnapan 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick and Nandita meet the lawyer. Lawyer says we have to defame Pallavi’s character. Nick looks on shocked. Pallavi says I will do anything to save my kids


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