Apnapan 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with the FB showing Pallavi refusing to Nick, saying Sonali likes him. Nick says you know me since childhood, I was stubborn, I didn’t lose about Pallavi. Nick recalls talking to Sonali.

He says Pallavi was saying that you are interested in me, I love Pallavi. Sonali is shocked. She laughs. She says I m not interested in you, don’t get serious. He says I m so relieved, go and clear this with Pallavi, she is avoiding me.

She says fine. He thanks her. FB ends. Pallavi says Sonali told me that she was thinking wrong about Nick, she felt Nick can’t be loyal to one woman, I also wanted to believe her, but my heart was not agreeing, something was pulling me towards Nick. She recalls his proposal. Nick says finally, we both decided to get married.

He recalls their marriage. Lalita brings Pallavi to her home. Pallavi recalls Nick and her first night. Nick says then my dad passed, Pallavi handled me, we were made for each other. Pallavi says I wanted him to get known by his own chef.

Nick says she wanted me to become a chef, she trusted my cooking skills, I used to leave any work midway, but she taught me that practice and patience are needed in bringing perfection.

Shanky asks what went wrong when you both loved each other. Pallavi says everything was good, then Sonali came in our lives. Pallavi recalls Sonali saying I m surprised that you and Nick are still together, I mean he still gives me hints.

Pallavi asks what hint. Sonali asks her to choose the saree she likes. She says don’t know why, Nick told me that he married you for his dad’s property and money, it doesn’t matter now, I m also married now, I m becoming Maasi for the third time, Nick would have fallen in love for you now. Pallavi says I didn’t believe her before, then I saw the truth in her words. She recalls giving her words to Sonali.

Sonali refuses. She says I don’t want Nick to think that I m interested in her. Pallavi asks what are you saying. Sonali asks her to check the message. Pallavi worries. Nick says Pallavi started changing, she was behaving different in front of Sonali, she felt Sonali is interested in me.

He recalls Pallavi’s godh bharai. Nick and Sonali talk in the function and laugh. Sonali says Pallavi often asks me if Nick was interested in me. Nick says she would be joking, she has all the controls in her hand. He sees Pallavi. FB ends. Pallavi says I thought I m thinking much, Nick didn’t listen and gave Sonali a job in his restaurant.

Nick says Sonali was in trouble, I was just helping her, she was Pallavi’s sister. He asks Sonali who has hurt her. She says my husband did this, he has started beating me, when I went to do a job, that man said I m made for modelling, he will get me a modelling assignment, its my mistake

, he spiked my drink and made my MMS. She cries. He gets angry and says don’t cry, we will make a police complaint. She says no, I will get defamed, that man is blackmailing me. He says I will come along, after all you are Pallavi’s sister. She says no, don’t tell her anything. He says fine, I won’t tell her.

Pallavi says Nick lied to me about his business meeting, Sonali was with him. Lalita says maybe she lied. Pallavi says I got to know this from someone else. She recalls Mahesh coming home and telling Pallavi that Sonali is with Nick, ask him to stay away from my wife. She asks what nonsense, I trust Nick,

he can’t do this. He says they are cheating, go and ask him, why is Sonali there with Nick, they went together, they booked a single room, I doubted them, I got this fax from the hotel. She says Nick can’t cheat me, you leave. Pallavi says I had seen such a sight that can ruin any wife’s world, I went for chef training, I came back a day early, my world got shattered that day.

She recalls coming home and seeing Nick with Sonali. Nick says after that day, Pallavi changed, she refused to believe me that Sonali and I went to a client party, I got unwell, I came home and slept, when I opened eyes, Pallavi had come there, she blamed me, I understand her questioning, but how did she think that I will do this with Sonali, an innocent person died because of her. Shanky asks who.

Nick asks how can he do this. Sonali says Mahesh committed suicide because of Pallavi, she was insecure of me, she told Mahesh about our affair, this is a lie, this killed Mahesh, this isn’t a suicide, but a murder,

he died because of Pallavi. She cries. Nick gets angry. Pallavi says Mahesh committed suicide because of their affair. Nick says Sonali was right, a person died because of her doubt. He blames Pallavi. They both argue. Nick says it won’t be easy to forget this. Pallavi says someone lost a life because of us, its impossible to find our lost relation now.


Apnapan 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi says don’t know what will happen in the party, go and talk to mum. Nick says I can’t talk. Sonali says if your mum and dad know I m here, then don’t know what will happen. Nick comes to talk to Badal. He sees Sonali.


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