Apnapan 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Nick coming home. He sees Pallavi. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays… Harsh opens the door for them. He smiles. He goes to get the newspaper.

Dadi says I will ward off the bad sight. Nick asks why. Dadi asks them to stand together. She says bad sight exists, it happens and one who is affected knows it. Pallavi taunts Nick. Dadi says call the entire family for having food, call the biggest lawyer of this city. Nick asks why. Dadi says I have to make an imp announcement.

Nick thinks what does she want to announce. Harsh goes and tells this to Nandita. She says no, this can’t happen, I can’t see this happening, I know Pallavi and my mum well, they are cooking something, I didn’t think Pallavi will please mum so soon. He asks what. She says your mum is playing a game with us, think what can my mum announce. He says you should know about this.

She says I think my mum is going to name all the property to Pallavi, its ancestral property, Pallavi already eyed it, I can’t believe this, she has used the same magic on my mum, she will loot everything, this can’t happen, please go to Dadi and find out if she is going to do this. He nods. She says please, just you can do this, I will handle the lawyer. He leaves.

Manna calls Badal and tells about Dadi’s plan of announcement. She asks where are you. He says I will tell everything, I want some money right now. She asks why, tell me, don’t scare me. He says I will fix everything, trust me. She says I hope he isn’t in any problem. He brings Sonali to a guest house.

She says I don’t have money. He says so what, I m there, come. Pallavi worries for Dadi. She says she will lose faith on me if she knows about the child custody, it’s the truth that Nick and Pallavi aren’t together. Pallavi cooks the food. Lalita gets an idea. Badal asks a man for a room. The man asks for how many days. Badal gives his ID card. He says my Maasi will stay alone here for two days.

He gives the money. Badal asks Sonali not to worry, he will come to meet her. She asks is Nick here. He says yes, he is staying with us, isn’t that great. She says I m feeling scared. He says you are my Maasi, how could I leave you alone, I paid for the food, you can have anything you like. The man gives the room keys. Badal gives the keys to Sonali and says I will come tomorrow to meet you, take care. She goes.

Lalita says Dadi will make her will, she loves you more than Nick and Nandita, maybe she is naming her property to you. Pallavi asks what, did she think that I want her property. Nick says mum asked me to invite everyone.

Pallavi comes to talk. Shanky goes. Pallavi says stop Dadi, I don’t want to get the property. Nick laughs. He says sorry to laugh on you, just relax. He asks her to sit. She says Dadi is going to name the property to me. He says you will give it to me, right, I know its your habit so I fell in love with you.

Shanky and Lalita look on. Shanky says they still have love between them. Lalita says yes, they can never get separated. He asks when will they realize it. She says it will happen. Nick and Pallavi talk about Dadi. Harsh asks Dadi to share about the surprise. She says I won’t tell you. He says I m your fav grandson.

Barkha says maybe Dadi wants to say that she has a boyfriend, love has no age. Gagan says fine, if she called the lawyer, then she might need to talk about money. Dadi says I love everyone, stop pleasing me, tell me, what did you think of decorations, I want everything shining. Barkha asks will she name everything to someone. Gagan says yes, she will name it to mummy, mum will get rich, we will also get rich, I will show Harsh. Dadi asks them to do work.

Badal comes home. Gagan asks where were you. Badal says I went for some work, where is Manna. Barkha says she is in kitchen. Gagan says he is always with Manna. Ishaan comes with the decorators. Gagan says you called him here. Barkha says no, I didn’t. He asks who needs his help.

Manna thanks Ishaan for help. Gagan teases Barkha. She says I m not jealous. He says I can see, you are still so possessive about him, you patch up with him, simple. She asks him to shut up. She bursts a balloon. Ishaan says I don’t know what to wear in the dinner party. Manna says you are asking me like I m your GF. He says think that and suggest me. She smiles.

Badal calls her out. She asks Ishaan to go home, she will help him on video call. Badal asks did you ask. She says no, its complicated, she is our Maasi, I m also tensed, you know mom and dad don’t like Sonali, you got her to the nearby guest house, what will happen when mom and dad know it.


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