Apnapan 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 8th September 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi and Nick worrying. Nani says she is talking about your marriage. Everyone claps. Dadi asks lawyer if anyone got divorced and want to marry again, help my children in the document work.

Rastogi nods. Dadi says get ready for Nick and Pallavi’s marriage. Pallavi talks to Lalita on call. Lalita says Nick is in café, he is angry, he is trying some new dish. Pallavi says he is drinking right. Lalita says yes. Pallavi says it means he won’t come home today.

Gagan says I want to go to washroom, Badal. Badal says its my room, go somewhere else. Gagan says its my room also, I want to go to my room’s bathroom. He tricks Badal and runs inside. Badal doesn’t see Sonali anywhere. Badal says even her stuff is missing. Gagan asks are you looking for something.

Badal says no. Gagan asks did you get drunk. Badal says yes, no. Gagan says girl’s matter, you have grown up. Badal says no. He calls Sonali. He says she disappeared. Sonali is on the way. She cries recalling Nick and Pallavi.

She calls someone from PCO. She says I did as I promised. Dadi asks Nick and Pallavi to get ready for the temple visit. Gagan gets the stuff. Manna says I have kept your medicines and water bottle in this.

Nick says don’t get adamant. Dadi says you are doing this. Gagan teases Pallavi. Pallavi stops him. She says Dadi may get knee pain going there. Dadi says marriage can’t happen without puja. Pallavi signs Nick. Nick says please don’t do this.

Dadi emotionally blackmails him. Nick says fine, I will get ready. Dadi signs Gagan. Gagan asks do you have any gift for me. She says I m taking you to temple, that’s the biggest gift. Pallavi smiles. She goes to Nick and asks him to make an announcement. She says talk to Dadi.

He says I need another bucket of hot water for bath. She says you get it yourself, I m talking imp thing. He says I didn’t know that things will get tough for me. She says its wrong to cheat mum. He says you think I m doing this happily, we will do puja first, she is unwell, I will lie for her sake. He goes. She worries and apologizes. He asks which one. She chooses his clothes. He asks what puja is she keeping. She says I don’t know.

They come to the temple. Nick asks what did you say. Dadi and Nani joke on him. Gagan says Dadi wants to say that your kundali has dosh, when you married mummy for the first time, there were many problems, so she wants no problem this time, puja should happen according to rituals.

Dadi says yes, I showed the kundalis to a good pandit, he said dosh is in your kundali, you stay happy with Pallavi all life, agree to it. Nick asks is Pallavi’s kundali perfect. Dadi says no, she is perfect for you and family. Pandit says your dosh will end once you marry this tree. He laughs. Nick asks will I marry a tree. Dadi says yes. Pandit says this is the only solution. Gagan jokes. Nick argues with Dadi. He says wrong is wrong, I won’t marry any tree. He asks Pallavi did you know. She says no. He says I can’t trust anyone.

Ishaan jokes on Manna’s poor cooking skills. Manna says even Barkha doesn’t know it, Badal is a good cook. He says I don’t care for Barkha now. She says fine, I will change the mood, we will play one word game. The lights go off. He says we will light candles. She says good idea, I will get it. Ishaan looks at her. She asks him to describe her in one work. He says beautiful. She says smart. They both praise each other. She says friendship. He says love is friendship. Pehla nasha…plays.. She cuts the cucumber. Her finger gets hurt. He cares for her. They smile.

Nick goes. Pallavi asks him to listen to Dadi. He says you don’t care, your kundali is perfect. She says I would have done this for her, we are pretending this for her sake, she is imp for you. He says marrying a tree, this is unbelievable. She says you have to do this for her sake, you can do this for her.


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