Apnapan 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apnapan 9th September 2022 Episode starts with Gagan asking Nick to wear the dhoti right. He calls Pallavi to help Nick. Pallavi laughs seeing Nick. Nick says I didn’t prepare much at the time of our marriage.

She says for mum’s sake, I will make you wear it. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…plays… She helps Nick. Gagan says mum did it. Ishaan and Manna have a moment. Pehla nasha….plays… Lights come. Manna gets away. Barkha comes and looks at them. Nick and Pallavi take blessings of elders.

They see a speeding car. Dadi says anyone can get hurt. Sonali stops the car and gets down. Nandita also gets down the car. She asks are you crazy, does anyone drive like this. Sonali says I m crazy for your brother. Nandita says times have changed now. They both make plans. Sonali says I have come back to get Nick. Nandita says welcome back, Sonali. They shake hands. Sonali says this will be fun, thanks.

Ishaan, Manna and Barkha have coffee. Barkha asks what happened, why were you behaving odd in kitchen. Manna says lights went off. Barkha questions them. Ishaan avoids her and leaves. She says strange, he is running away like he got caught. Nandita gets drinks for Sonali and herself.

Sonali thanks her. They drink. Sonali says I was bored by that drama. Nandita says that act will make you reach Nick, I m scared of Pallavi’s acting. Sonali says even I did good acting in front of Badal. Nandita says superb, how did you get this idea.

Sonali says you fooled Razia, and made Badal reach me. Nandita says I can fool people, its an art, poor Badal doesn’t know this. Manna smiles thinking of Ishaan. Badal comes. He says Sonali is missing. She asks what, we have to find her, I hope she is okay.

Sonali says Nick regards Pallavi responsible for my husband’s death. Nandita says just we both know the truth. Sonali says he left Pallavi and went to US. Nandita says he has come back now. Sonali says he will come close to me this time. Manna smiles and recalls Ishaan. Barkha comes and asks what happened,

why did you get scared. Manna says nothing. Barkha asks did you decide what to wear. Manna says I didn’t think. Barkha says I planned to look so beautiful, I want Ishaan to see me. Manna says you said his chapter is closed. Barkha says I was stupid to make him away, thanks to you, I got to know, he cares for me, I realized my mistake, I really liked him, I will explain him that we both look good together, right. Manna nods.

Everyone sees the sarees. Nick says Pallavi is beautiful, every saree suits her. Dadi blesses their jodi. Dadi asks Pallavi and Nick to stand there. She says they look good. Dadi says you have to twin your sherwani with her saree. Rastogi calls Pallavi. He asks her to come out, its urgent. Pallavi goes.

He says Nick’s mum doesn’t know the truth, this marriage is a cheat. Nick looks on. Rastogi says you are my client, why are you doing this drama for free, Nick should give the children custody to you, I m asking you to demand a good amount, he is worried for his mum, he can agree to anything, I have made the papers, just take Nick’s signs on the papers. Nick gets angry and goes.

Pallavi scolds Rastogi. She says she is my Saas, and more imp than my mum, don’t advice such things to me again. She goes. Dadi asks Pallavi to see the sarees chosen by Nick. Pallavi says I want anything Nick chooses. Nick gets angry and thinks you were making a plan with my enemy.


Apnapan 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi and Nick sit for roka. Manna looks for the rings. Sonali slaps someone. Manna says rings are missing.


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