Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 15th June 2022 Episode starts with Sakina telling Mirza that he has upset the kids. Shanti says they might want to enjoy in bus. Mishra says they want to enjoy, as the girls go by that same bus.

Mirza says yes. Mishra tells that they have become mannerless. Mirza asks Sakina to go to school and asks teacher if they behave the same way there. Sakina says I will not go, the teachers talk in fluent language, even I talk in English, but can’t with fluency.

Shanti says even I can talk in English. Paro asks them to contact her to learn English. She says I have learnt English when worked with Kapil Sharma, says she will give them tips and asks them to practice.

Shanti practices to say English and thinks she will become all India’s mother while trying to learn English. Sakina also practice to talk in English, Shanti and Sakina goof up while practicing wrong English.

Shanti thinks she can’t talk in English. Sakina says even I will talk in my Indian language. She asks her to take care and goes. Shanti says my English is better than hers.

Mishra, Mirza, BBC, Majnu, Kudelal and others are having icecream standing at a shop. Mishra sends Majnu for some work. Mirza tells about the kids. Pappu asks bittu if he feels sad, that if he was born in this era then would have romanced. Bittu gets happy.

He says someone’s son was roaming with girls and he don’t have even a mobile phone. BBC says today kids don’t know values. Aashiq tells that if the kids are caught romancing then their parents are called.

Mishra gets Shanti’s call and says ji ji ji…ji shanti ji. He asks Mirza to come home and says they had gone to school and school authorities told something. They leave. Bittu says it is good that we didn’t marry. Pappu says else we would have said ji ji ji to our wives.

Shanti says Principal said that Adi is carbon copy of his father. Mishra asks what is new? Shanti says Principal said that Adi will get zero in studies. Mirza says they need beating. Brij says don’t do this in Gada pacchisi and says you have to handle them with care else they will be spoiled. He says he is going to meet someone who died yesterday.

Majnu asks what did Principal say to you? Mishra slaps him and asks did you give Rawat sir order. Majnu says he gave Agarwal’s order. Mishra says I said otherwise. Majnu asks him to have pity on him.

Majnu asks him to get insurance and asks what your family will eat after your death. Bittu slaps him. Mirza comes there. Pappu says your kids were at the shop and buying poetry to impress the girls. Mirza asks they can use mobile for poetry.

Bittu says if something is downloaded, then its notification will come for weeks, and then you will take out anger on them. Mishra says we will make them understand and says Babu ji told that gada pacchisi is going on.

Bittu taunts Brij. Pappu says they might fool you. Mishra asks how many kids you have? Pappu and Bittu go from there. Inaam and Adi read the poetry standing on the terrace. Shanti and Sakina hear them.

Sakina says we have to do something. They question them. Adi makes an excuse. Inaam says we want to learn poetry and asks her to see that there is no pic inside. He tells poetry praising nation. Sakina and Shanti think that they are innocent and goes. Inaam and Adi tell that their girl is beautiful.

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