Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 1st July 2021 Episode starts with Mishra and Mirza telling about the bill to their wives. Shanti tells Mishra that Bittu will give them money. Sakina also reminds Mirza. Mirza says they will get profit of 10-20 K. Mishra and Mirza refuse to pay the bill. Shanti says we will pay half bill. Sakina says even we will pay. Shanti asks Mishra to get money from Bittu. Sakina asks Mirza to go and get money from Pappu. Mirza also goes. Bittu tells Pappu that Mirza and Mishra will get attack seeing the bill. They see them coming there. Mirza asks what is going on here? Pappu says he is giving free electricity to the people. Mishra comes to Bittu and asks him to give money. Pappu asks money for what? Mirza reminds him about taking electricity from him and asks him to pay 280000. Pappu says how to believe you and asks him to take money from Mishra, as he sold to Bittu. Bittu also tells the same thing to Mishra. Mirza says this means this is our house’s electricity which is getting distributed. Mishra also realizes this and cuts the connection, asks people to go. Mishra and Mirza confront each other. They get electric shock. Mishra says Pappu and Bittu will pay the bill. Pappu tells Bittu used more. Bittu says you used more at your counter. They act to fight verbally. Bittu says I will drag Pappu to court and then will settle your money. Mishra says ok. They leave. Mirza tells Mishra that they have fooled us and tells that case goes on for many years and till then our light will be cut. He says we have done a mistake by trusting them, now we have to pay the bills. Mishra asks how?

Mirza comes home and hears Noorjahan talking to her friend and telling that she got 5 lakhs Rs bill being a nawab. Mirza asks her to cut the call. Mishra returns home. Shanti asks did you bring money from Bittu? Sakina asks what are you saying that Pappu fooled you. Inaam comes to Mirza and tells that his Maths Sir asked him to give free electricity. Mirza refuses. Shanti’s son also does the same. Shanti refuses to give electricity and asks Mishra to pay the bill. Sakina also asks Mirza to pay the bill. Brij asks Mishra not to get afraid of Shanti and asks her to sell her ornaments and pay the bill, as she used it too. Mishra tells that Babu ji wants to say something. Brij goes. Shanti asks Mishra to do something and pay the bill.

Guddu comes to Mishra and tells that he searched on net and came to know that rich persons get their debts cleared, by declaring that they are bankrupt. Zoya and Inaam tell the same thing to Mirza. They tell that Paro can help them. Paro asks them to wear torn clothes. Shanti sits shocked. Sakina says she has Nawabi charm and can’t look poor. Paro says I will teach you poor people’s charm. She tells about poor people. Noorjahan refuses to act poor. Mirza asks Sakina to act to become poor. Sakina says ok. She asks Paro to teach them. Paro asks them to beg infront of her. They all beg asking her to teach her. Paro then asks them to hit on the chest and say Allah get our bill relieved. Mishra family also enacts the dialogues. Mishra and Mirza come out of the house with their families, wearing torn clothes and acts as poor. Shanti asks Mishra why is he acting as handicapped. Mishra says they will get more benefit. They sit down on the road and asks to relieve their bill. Shanti asks Sakina to hide their face as Shuklayan is coming. They hide their face. Bittu and Pappu come there. Bittu says they shall complain to Imaandar Saheb. Pappu calls him and tells that wrong thing is happening in haveli. Imaandar comes there with his team and constable. Mirza and Mishra get afraid. Mishra tells that everyone gets afraid of poor people and asks him to act as poor. Bittu and Pappu come there. Bittu tells Imaandar that they are acting to be poor, to get rid of their bills and thought you foolish. Imaandar says he is very honest and hates betrayal people. He asks Constables to arrest Bittu and Pappu. He tells that he is Imaandar and Samajhdar. He asks Police to lock them in jail and says they have fooled Mishra and Mirza. He tells them that he enquired about them, they are good, but have to pay the bill. Noorjahan says we are Nawabs and can’t sell the jewellery. Imaandar says you have to pay the bill. They check the bill and find it to be 80000. Imaandar says you have to pay the bill which you have used, I will appeal to the govt to relieve the bill used by the poor people. He asks them to pay the bill soon. Mirza and Mishra agree. Sakina asks him to get two meters installed. Imaandar says meter will be one, and you both have to keep eye on each other. They sit on the road again.

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