Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 21st April 2021 Episode starts with Sakina asking if ghost really exist. Shanti says yes, Mirza and Mishra are ghosts…Sakina laughs. Shanti asks her not to turn when ghost calls us 3 times. Sakina asks what you will do if ghost comes in the family member avatar. Shanti says she will hit the ghost with tawa. She tells that she is Shanti Mishra. Paro comes to Sakina and scare her. Sakina asks what did you apply on your face? Paro says face pack and tells that she has called her thrice. Sakina gets afraid. Later Paro and Kudelal scare Shanti and Mishra. Then they scare Sakina. The kids get afraid and go without having breakfast. Shanti sings song. Mishra asks if she is fine. Shanti says if she gets time then she will talk about love. Mishra says he has to do house work and shall go to work. Shanti says you will not go today, tells that she will sweep the floor today.

Mirza is about to sweep the floor. Sakina stops him and says she will do the work, asks him to see her and feel good. Mirza says he will go to shop. Sakina stops him and says kids and Ammi are not at home. Shanti wipes the floor and makes Mishra sit on the sofa. Mishra doubts thinking why Shanti is so much silent. Mirza thinks if the ghost came as Sakina and runs away from there. Mishra also goes to the shop. The Servants of Mirza and Mishra’s shops tell them that they don’t want haveli ghost to come to them. Mirza says BBC must have made this news viral. Mishra questions them and watch the news by BBC. Mirza and Mishra think to handle Aashiq and Majnu.

Mirza tells Aashiq and Majnu that after their death, they have to handle the shops. The Servants agree on their condition that they shall not touch them. Mirza says if neighbors come to know about haveli. Bittu comes there and asks about haveli. Mishra says since we banned your entry, ghost entered. They ask him to help him. Bittu says you have insulted me. They apologize and ask for help. Bittu tells that he will call the tantrik to their house. They agree. Brij gives lemons and chillies to Shanti and tells that it didn’t turn red. Shanti comes to the kitchen and takes knife from Paro, cuts the lemon. She finds the lemon red inside and gets shocked. The fake tantrik comes there. Bittu asks him to act nicely. The fake tantrik asks for juice etc. Bittu asks him to come to point. The fake Tantrik pretend to talk to ghost and says Mishra has to leave the haveli else have to sacrifice himself. Bittu asks him to do as Baba says.

Bittu brings another fake Baba to Mirza’s house and asks him to get ghost mukti from the haveli. The fake Baba eats all the dishes kept infront of him and holds Mirza’s neck. Bittu asks him not to overact. The fake Baba tells that Mirza has to leave the haveli right now. Bittu thinks he will make them vanish and will enter the haveli.

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