Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd April 2021 Episode starts with the kids asking Shanti to give them food. Shanti asks them to bear hunger for tonight and says if we are alive then have food all life. Mishra asks her to bring morning food for them. Shanti asks him to go and bring food. Mishra thinks he is stuck with witch since many years. Mirza tells Sakina that he will bring water from kitchen. Sakina doesn’t let him go. Noorjahan asks him to get stuck with his wife. Mishra tells his kids that he will bring something for them from the kitchen. Mirza also goes to get water and Noorjahan’s stuff from her room. Paro keeps something in the kitchen, while Kudelal tells in mic asking them to give glasses of blood. They run to their wives and family.

Bittu asks Kudelal to shock them once again. Mishra and Mirza tell their families that they shall be alive for the night and then will see. They all look outside and find the ghost standing and demanding 2 glasses of blood. They all run inside the house. Shanti and Mishra wake up and find their kids ready to go to school. The kids ask for money to have breakfast. Mirza wakes up and finds his son leaving for school. Shanti and Sakina try to stop their husbands from going to their shops, being afraid of ghost. Mishra asks Shanti not to get afraid of ghost. Sakina asks Mirza to think about third baby. Mirza says ghost want me and not you and leaves for the work. Bittu asks Mirza and Mishra to settle down his money before leaving. Mishra says we are thinking to go, but not yet. Mishra says I didn’t see people like you, who wants to make your kids as feed to the ghosts. He asks them to go to their inlaws home.

Sakina washes utensils with Shanti and talks about ghosts and then about show. Sakina finds a reflection and gets scared. Noorjahan throws clothes on Sakina to wash it. Sakina washes clothes and goes inside to get the clip. Noorjahan thinks she shall keep the clothes for drying. Sakina comes back and thinks ghost took it. Shanti asks her kids not to worry and says nothing will happen to me. The kids tell that they are walking together for their own security and asks Shanti to give them something to eat. Shanti says she will make in sometime. Mishra comes there and asks her to pack her bags, else they might not see tomorrow. Mirza asks Sakina to pack her bags and says they will go. Brij and Noorjahan refuse to go. Brij says he will face the ghost. Noorjahan also refuses to leave haveli.

Mirza and Mishra think to talk to the ghost. They think that their parents are not supporting them. Mirza says we shall light the last candle and call the ghost here. Mishra lights it and asks him to call the ghost. Mirza and Mishra call the ghost. Kudelal thinks to shock them. He comes infront of him and demands 2 glasses of blood. Mishra and Mirza tell that they have kept the food for him. The kudelal asks him to pack the tiffin. They are afraid to go to the kitchen. Kudelal says food will get cold and asks them to turn, says he will have the food. While he sits to have food, the fake skull falls down. Mishra and Mirza turn and find Kudelal eating the food and posing as the ghost.

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