Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 23rd July 2021 Episode starts with Mishra and Mirza take their selfie and their Jodi is wonderful. Mishra says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on our friendship. Mirza says I don’t want to separate from you. Mishra says even I. Mirza says I will delete our selfie as I don’t want bad sight of people. Mishra asks him to delete. Mirza says we will do the calculation of our shops and then shall play chess. Mishra says he can’t make him lose in any game and that’s why can’t play. Mirza gets happy and says we will go for outing today. Mishra says ok. Their kids come there and says Mummy have to do all the work, as you people are busy in friendship. Zoya says Ammi sent us and said that Abbu will teach us today. Mirza says it seems you listen to Ammi much, you don’t love your lives, if I teach you, then you will have to make tea like them. He asks them to go and study themselves. Mishra asks them to tell that they have taught them. Guddu says we will play first and then study. Mishra goes to his shop.

Bittu and Pappu hear them. Pappu comes to Mishra, while Bittu comes to Mishra. Bittu tells that Mirza was making papers for 3/13 haveli. Mirza says this is impossible. Bittu says he is popular in court and knows what is happening. Pappu says Mishra wants to make papers and get your sign. Bittu asks Mishra not to sign. Mirza refuses to believe him. Pappu says he will bring the guy who made the papers. Bittu also tells that he will make the lawyer witness everything. Guddu tells that they have checked on net and comes to know that court was closed on Saturday. He says you lied to us. Inaam and Zoya also expose Pappu. Pappu runs away. Bittu says if court was closed then why did judge work for the people. He goes. Mishra appreciates his kids intelligence and thanks them. Mirza also thanks his kids and tells that enemies’ sight are on our friendship. He says he wants to do something and can’t lose friend. Mishra also thinks the same.

Sakina scolds Mirza for sending the kids to play and says you are playing with them now. Noorjahan says they are Nawab from before, so they will not spoil. Mishra tells that I will bring our kids to meet Mirza’s kids. Shanti asks where are we going? Mirza says I am thinking to take a rented house nearby. He says if we have any fight then it will be due to this haveli. Mishra says I want to name this haveli on Mirza’s name. Shanti asks will you bring you on road. Noorjahan scolds Mirza. Brij scolds Mishra. Sakina says if you do this, then you have to lose my love for forever, and have to forget you. Mirza apologizes and says then I have to forget you.

Mishra asks Shanti to apply any color bindi or beat him, but he will not back off. Mirza asks Sakina to go to her mayka and says I have to get a small house on rent now. Sakina pretends to faint. Shanti also pretends to faint. Mishra and Mirza call the lawyers at home, to write their “will”. Mishra praises Mirza and asks Lawyer to write that he is naming haveli on Mirzas name. Shanti gets up. Mishra says this haveli is inauspicious for me. Sakina also gets up hearing Mirza naming property on Mishra’s name. They ask their wives to pack the bags, as they have to soon vacate the haveli. Pappu and Bittu take out rifle to kill each other, as Mirza and Mishra’s friendship can’t be broken. They think if they die then what will happen. They laugh and go separate ways.

Sakina comes to Pappu and provoke him to break Mishra and Mirza’s friendship. Shanti also tells Bittu the same and gives him idea. Sakina says that lawyer shall not go to our husband. Shanti asks Bittu to tear the papers. Pappu refuses to help them. Shanti and Sakina leave. Bittu and Pappu call each other and find their number busy. Bittu thinks he shall do this work alone. Pappu also thinks the same. Sakina asks if Pappu and Bittu can do. Shanti is hopeful. Sakina says if they get acquired the haveli. Shanti says they can’t since 20 years. Lawyers comes to Mishra and Mirza’s house. Mirza calls Mishra and tells that he has sent lawyer to him, with his will.

Mishra says he has sent a gift for him and gets emotional. Mirza says my life got light due to your friendship. They both cry. Mirza wipes his tears with Sakina’s dupatta. He says Mishra’s heart is so big. Mishra says this is called friendship, it seems even he named the haveli on my name. Lawyer asks him to sing. Shanti says we shall read it once. Mishra asks him to read. Lawyer reads fake letters, badmouthing about them. Mirza gets angry. Mishra is also shocked to hear the lawyer reading Mirza’s will that he is donkey. Both Mirza and Mishra get shocked and angry. Mirza tears the will. Sakina is happy and says enmity is good than friendship and sends the lawyer. Mishra shouts Mirza. Mirza shouts Mishra. They come out of their houses and accuse each other for betraying them. Sakina and Shanti enjoy seeing them fighting. Sakina prays to God that they shall fight like this. Shanti says the same. Pappu and Bittu give money to the lawyers for the fake will. Bittu says good news will come soon and then all the haveli will be ours.

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