Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th August 2021 Sakina serves and tea and savory to Mirza. Mirza asks her to bring some sweets. She asks to celebrate children’s suspension from school. Mirza says soon they will get an apology letter from school principal. Mishra tells same to Shanti. Sakina gets a letter and Mirza boasts that he is a nawab and principal in respect must have sent an apology letter. Mishra says same to Shanti. Sakina reads a letter that school is happy to inform that they will be happy to know that their children are removed from school forever and they should find another school for their children. Shanti reads same and warns Mishra to do whatever he can and get back their children’s admission. Sakina says same to Mirza.

Mirza and Mishra reach school and holding Principal’s feet plead him to readmit their children. Principal warns them to leave his pant as its his father’s or else he will make them a cock. They say he can make them whatever he wants to. Principal doesn’t budge. They threaten to jump from window and suicide. Principal watches silently and asks them to go ahead. They take a seat and request again. He says either Mishra or Mirza’s children will get readmission as they always create problem when they are together. They both start fighting. Principal warns them to shut up and says he will take their exam and whoever’s children behave well and pass the exam will get admission. They both challenge each other for a war.

At home, Sakina and Shanti’s nok jhok starts while cooking. Mirza and Mishra walk to them and say they should get ready for a war. Sakina and Shanti asks them if children got admission. They both take them in and inform about principal taking children’s test and says they need to prepare children for a war. In lawn, children prepare a charcoal powder bomb to prank Sakina and Shanti and hide. They both walk in, bomb explodes, and their faces turn black. Shanti laughs on Sakina that her new makeup looks amazing. Sakina shows Shanti’s face in mobile. Shanti gets afraid and asks who is it. Aadi and Guddu ask her to go in and look at her face. Shanti walks in and complains Mishra and Sakina complains Mirza. They both scold children and try to lash them with a stick. Noorjahan and Brij support children and snatching sticks lash them instead. Drama continues. Noorjahan and Brij order that Mirza, Sakina, Mishr, and Shanti will attend school first and learn discipline.

Next morning, Noorjahan and Sakina wait for Mirza, Sakina, Mishra, and Shanti in lawn with class room setup in lawn. They walk in wearing uniform mimicking kids. Noorjahan and Sakina Mirza and Mishra for coming late. Mirza and Mishra ask why should they learn being nawab and from high class family. They both trash them again. A long drama and jokergiri continues. Noorjahan and Brij say they will have stop acting as nawab and pandit and learn good morales and language. Brij corrects Mishra’s language and teaches him to address Mirza as respected Mirza Saheb. Brij hesitates. Brij continues lashing him and teaches him kind behavior next. Noorjahan also does same with Mirza and Sakina. Brij and Shanti offer sandwich and tea to maid Paro in a kind manner. Paro runs away unable to bear their kind act. They both continue their acting.


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