Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th October 2021 episode starts with Mishra and Mirza familiies worried about losing their haveli to British woman Sandra. Brij says English want to rule on them always, this time they have to shoo them alway and also perform their last rights. Mishra says English came to them last time in lieu of selling tea and ruled on them, this time they came as checking mental asylum and want to rule on them again.

Mirza says they will not tolerate injustice this time. Noor continues puffing hookah. Mirza asks her to be serious. She says she is also thinking. They all sit in satyagraha against Sandra and chant Sandra go back. Noor continues puffing hookah. Sandra ignores them and walks away.

After sometime, Bittu with Latko and Sandra informs Mishra that if he signs documents first, he will get 50% haveli. Mishra gets greedy and agrees. They use same trick on Mirza. Mirza also agrees. Mishra informs Shanti who suggests not to sign documents as Mirza will lose haveli.

Mishra says Mirza will sign documents then, so he will sign papers. Shanti says how will they leave without Mirza family in this haveli. Mirza also agrees to sign papers. Sakeena says they cannot forget the moments spent with Mishra family. Both families remember their happier days. Yaadein Chali Jati play in the background.

Bittu gives Mirza and Mishra’s signed documents to Latko and Sandra. Sandra signs documents next. Bittu asks if she has haveli’s original documents. She in Hindi says she keeps them in her purse always. Bittu shocked hearing her speaking English and asks Latkho if she was playing prank on them till now. Latko says he doesn’t know. Bittu says let us party tonight and inviting Mirza and Mishra family inform them that they lost haveli. Sandra agees.

In the evening, Mirza and Mishra families sadly wait for Sandra. Sandra wearing a sari walks in holding Bittu and Latko’s hands. She reveals that she ahs both of their signed papers and asks Sakeena and Shanti to compete in a dance with her and whoever wins will get haveli. They agree and dance with her on Kamariya Majnu, Ashiq, and Pooja join party. and dance. Majnu silently picks paper from Sandra’s purse and joins back Ashiq and Pooja.

After dance, Sandra takes paper from her purse and asks Latko to read it. Latko reads that they Britishers ruled Indians for 100s of years and left them in 1947, they were fools then and even now after 70 years; she used divide and rule again and took back their haveli. Bittu reveals that he took her signatures on papers and transferred haveli in Mirza and Mishra’s names instead.

Sandra is shocked. They reveal that anyone cannot fool them again as the are wise enough now, they would have trashed her if she was a man to trick them again, etc. Sandra walks away saying its illegal and she will go to court. Latko says court is closed today. Mirza and Mishra families rejoice. Brij says now they have proper legal papers of haveli. Bittu eats papers like a cow.


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