Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 26th October 2021 episode starts with BBC visiting Mishra’s pan shop and asking him to prepare paan for him soon as he needs to cover strike news. Majnu jokes on him. BBC walks away fuming.

Mirza buys paan next. Bittu walks in next and asks him to prepare haseena/beautiful paan for him. Mishra asks which one is this. He says it should spread pleasant perfume from his mouth and wherever he passes by, girls should fall for him. Mirza says he is talking as if girl’s college will be shifted near his house. Bittu says he fell in Mishra snackwala’s daugher who was in college and gifted her a 5 lakhs rs ring.

Mirza and Mishra joke on him. Bittu says girl stopped attending college. They laugh that she fooled Bittu. Aashiq says there is no beautiful girl in surrounding 4-5 km. Bittu says he is right. Majnu says his girlfriend is very beautiful. Bittu says Brij got all girls married fixing their kundali, Mishra got a bad father.

Beautiful Karishma wearing a short dress walks in market. All men around fall for her beauty. Shanti and Sakeena’s vegetable vendor falls for her beauty. Sakeena shows Karishma to Shanti and says all men are getting mesmerized by her beauty. Shanti identifies her as her old friend Karishma and walks to her. Karishma calling her Shanty asks what is she doing here.

Shanti says she is married and is living in this are since 15 years and asks Karishma if she is married. Karishma baosts that she is still single and free from husband and MIL’s daily drama. Shanti asks if she didn’t get a match yet. She says men fall for her beauty, but she rejected them all. Shanti and Sakeena say their husbands are very simple and don’t fall for any beautiful girl.

Karishma challenges her to lure them and asks to find a room for her as she started working in a call center nearby. Sakeena says they have a room on their terrace, but will seek her husband’s permission first. Karishma asks her to describe her beauty, her husband will easily agree to rent a room to her.

Misra and Mirza feel bored after a day’s boring work. Shanti and Sakeena call them and inform about renting their terrace room to beautiful Karishma. They both deny giving an example of their friend who rented a room to a beautiful girl and then went to jail because of her. They both happily inform Karishma that their husband are too innocent and didn’t agree to rent her a room. Karishma asks to use some other means. They both take Karishma to Brij.

Karishma convinces Brij to rent a room to a helpless girl in an unkown city. Brij agrees and says she can stay in his terrace room till she wants to and asks to bring her last right items. She asks what does he mean. He asks to bring her bagage. She rejoices. Shanti and Sakeena hire Ashiq and Majnu to clean the room. Mirza and Mishra return home and get angry hearing about renting a room without their permission.

Brij scolds them that Karishma is not a handsome young boy that Shanti and Sakeena will fall for his charm. Next day, Karishma enters haveli on a cycle ricksaw. Misha and Mirza get mesmerized with her beauty. Shanti and Sakeena reveal that she is their friend Karishma. Karishma acts as slipping. They both run and hold her and take her bags in. Sakeena and Shanti stand shocked. Karishma says she didn’t even enter haveli and their husbands fell for her beauty.


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