Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 2nd July 2021 Episode starts with Brij crying looking at his wife’s pic and says I couldn’t fulfill your dream. Shanti comes there and hears him telling his wife’s pic that he couldn’t take her in car. She asks him to come and sit. She asks why is he getting so much sad and tells that Amma is not here, but your son will bring car some day. Brij says he has no hopes with him and tells that his wishes will go with him. He asks where are the kids? The kids come back home from school. Guddu tells that they will not go to school in rickshaw. Sakina asks Shanti if she heard that the children is asking 5-10 lakhs worth car. Shanti says same thing is going on here.

Inaam says if we go by car then you people will get famous. Shanti’s son tells that they are thinking about them. Brij says I can see that the kids will look good in car. The kids insist. Shanti asks them to freshen up. She tells that she will get necklace in 5 lakhs. Sakina says she can visit Dubai. Mirza and Mishra look at the mangoes. Mirza says I played in mangoes. Mishra says I used to dive in mangoes in my home town. Mirza asks the mango seller about the price. The seller asks them to have it from their home town. Mishra asks him to give 1 kg each to them. The seller talks to someone and threaten the person to bring his stuff on time else. Mirza and Mishra get afraid. They ask the seller whom is he threatening? The guy asks the men to pack the mangoes and tells that the code is mango is meetha and langda. A guy insists Bittu and Pappu. Pappu tells that until we don’t have people or cars, we will be just neta of this locality. Bittu says I can call many people, but what will I feed them. He says until some work come, what is yours is mine.

Shanti and Sakina come to shop vegetables. Just then a car hits Sakina slightly. Shanti scolds the car driver and tells that even she has 10 cars. They see Paro getting out of car and taking the selfie. She then sends selfie to them. They get upset. Mirza asks Sakina what happened? Shanti says Sakina was saved today. Sakina says I thought I will not get to see you before your death. Mirza says no. Shanti asks Sakina to come to the point. Sakina tells that she was about to get hit by the car. Mirza asks Sakina not to go to market again. Sakina asks him to buy car for her.

Mirza says I will bring umbrella for you. Noorjahan scolds Mirza and asks if he did something which shows that he is from Nawab family. Mirza says not yet. Noorjahan says Sakina begum asked you to get a small thing and you refused. Sakina is surprised. Mirza says I will do the arrangements. Mishra comes there. Mirza signs him that Sakina demanded car and now it is Shanti’s turn. Mishra understands and is about to go. Shanti stops him and says they want red color car. Mishra asks since when you are playing with car. Brij says bahu was talking about real car. He emotionally blackmails him when Mishra refuses. Mishra says we will buy car later. Brij asks Mirza to get chaardhaam ticket for him, as he can’t stay here. Shanti goes behind him. Mishra and Mirza feel trapped. Mishra says we shall do something. Mirza asks what?

Later they come to Bittu and Pappu. Bittu asks if everything is fine. Mirza tells that Sakina and Shanti asked them to buy a car. Pappu asks them to take loan from bank. Mishra says they are coming from bank and that Manager refused. Bittu says you are like my cousins and I will help you get the car. Mishra and Mirza see the Advertisement in the newspaper and calls the person. The person refuses to give them loan. Mirza requests him. The person asks if he has any property or bank balance. Mirza says then why we would have asked for loan. The person ends the call. Bittu smiles.

Mirza and Mishra touch Bittu’s feet. Bittu asks about their budget. They tell 50000 each. Bittu asks them to get 1 car in 1 lakh. He calls someone and asks them to go there. Mirza and Mishra come to buy the car. Mirza is eating the mango and says Aam meethe hai. The seller says Aam langde hai…He thinks they came to take the car and gives them car inexchange of their mangoes. Mirza and Mishra ask him about the payment. He says he will take later. Mirza and Mishra leave with the car. The goons come there and tell the code. The seller get tensed. Shanti and Sakina look at the car and think about their preference.


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Brij says hamari car. Noorjahan says it is ours, bought by Zafar. They argue. Mishr and Mirza look at each other.


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