Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 2nd June 2021 Episode starts with Shanti telling Sakina that there is something wrong in their business and says they feel fresh even in the evening. Sakina says even I noticed this. Shanti says Bachchan is always happy since he started his business, when I know that he is very lazy and can’t even move the housefly from his nose. She says we shall go and check tomorrow. Sakina says she will go to the chicken farmhouse. Shanti says she will go to lota company tomorrow. They argue. Shanti says she trust her brother fully.

Bittu and Pappu talk about fooling Mirza and Mishra. They see Mirza coming there. Pappu tells that Bittu has won 25 lakhs Rs. Mirza greets him and tells that his life changed since I see angel in you. Bittu asks if he brought money? Mirza says I will return after winning. Bittu says he has closed giving money and refuses to give him money. Bachchan asks what you will get with your money now. Bittu says I will open my own bank. Mirza says I had taken swear that I will not gamble with my money. Bittu tells Bachchan that if he had given him money then would have won by now. Mirza asks him to bet for 25000 Rs. Bittu says today match was over and asks him to bring money tomorrow. Mirza hears that the match is old match of 2 years back. He questions them. Pappu says Bittu has played wrong channel. Mirza says ok and goes to get money.

Next day, Bachchan brings 10000 Rs and wins. Mirza also wins. Bachchan brings toys for Shanti’s kids. Later he calls someone and asks the person to find out if there is any silver water taps. Mirza talks to someone and asks him to get chandeliers in all the rooms. Shanti and Sakina are shocked to see their big wishes. Mirza says he will get swimming pool in the haveli and asks the person to start the arrangement. Sakina asks Mirza if he is fine. Mirza says I am not old Mirza, but will become Mirza Saheb. Shanti asks if your jija ji comes to know about this. Bachchan says he will feel proud of me and will tell that he is my jija. Shanti says but your expenses. Bachchan says he earns lakhs in one ball. Shanti asks ball. Bachchan fools her.

Bachchan asks Mirza about his chicken centre. Mirza says my chicken give 4 and 6 eggs sometimes. Bachchan says he will buy haveli from him, as his business is going strong. Mirza says I will buy the haveli. Bachchan asks who is foolish. Mirza says I. Bachchan laughs and goes.

Pappu tells that he has to sell his TV for Bachchan. Bittu says tomorrow they will do naagin dance and we will dance. Bachchan comes there and asks when is the next match? Pappu says tomorrow is the big game, but you can’t play. Bittu tells Mirza that the game is big and he has to spend 5 lakhs. Mirza asks how much money, will I get? Bittu says 15 lakhs. Mirza gets greedy and says he will bring 5 lakhs rs. Bittu laughs and tells Pappu that whatever is gone, will return with interest.

Mirza emotionally blackmails Sakina to give her jewellery and asks Noorjahan also to give her chain, and tells that he will get double money in 2 days. Bachchan convinces Shanti to break her FD and give him 5 lakhs Rs. Shanti says ok. Mirza brings 5 lakhs Rs and gives to Bittu. Pappu asks Bachchan if he shall bet 5 lakhs Rs. on Zimbabwe. Bittu also tells that Mirza will get 15 lakhs if he wins. Mirza says your tip can’t be wrong. Bittu thinks he can’t trust his father. They hear the match commentary and wait for Zimbabwe to win, but it loses. Mirza and Bachchan get upset and shocked. Bachchan asks Pappu to get the match done again. Pappu says this is international match. Mirza asks Bittu to talk to them. Bachchan asks him not to give the money. Bittu asks him to play again and win. Mirza asks him to give money. Bittu says I will not give before 29th February. Bachchan says from where I will get money to give Didi. Mirza says even I am thinking about this. They hear each other. Bachchan asks why did you say that even you are thinking the same.

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