Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 31st August 2021 Mishra tells Mirza that Sakina’s dream came true and explains it in detail. Mirza says he has gone insane after losing money. Mishra says he is sure Sakina’s dreams come true. Their servants hear that and request Sakina to dream about them becoming Mishra and Mirza’s shop owners. Sakina says its impossible. They request her to try once. Mirza returns home and scolds them to take tea powder and return to shop. They start their story. Mirza shoos them away and asks Sakina why she spread a rumor that her dreams come true. She says she didn’t. He asks if she discussed it with Paro. She says yes. He says she spread the news in whole area and asks her to keep her mouth shut.

Next morning, Shanti forces Mishra to broom the house and threatens to change her bindi. He agrees. Sakina informs Mirza that she had a new dream that a cock was barking like a dog. He asks her to stop her weird dreams, scolds her and goes for a bathe. Inaam says she need not worry when they have a dream expert and calls him. Dream expert informs her that this time she dreamt about France as cock is France’s national bird and her husband will be in trouble this time. Mirza reaches his shop and finds it burglared. He calls Mishra and informs that his shop is burglared. Mishra asks where is his servant Ashiq. Bittu with Pappu walks in and hearing Mirza saying his tea powder bottle is stolen says a next lane chaddi/half pant gang must have stolen it as only they are cheap thieves who can stole his cheap tea powder. Mirza is surprised to realize Sakina’s dream coming true and explains it, says she dreams after 2 a.m.

At night, Bittu forces Pappu dream after 3 a.m. but Pappu fails. In the morning, Shanti tells Sakina that if Mishra had believed in her dream, he wouldn’t have been fooled by Bittu and Pappu. Mishra joins them. Shanti requests Sakina to dream about them winning a crore rs lottery. Sakina says they need to buy a ticket for that and reminds her when they were laughing after hearing her dream telling that they will have to buy a ticket to hear about her dreams one day. Shanti says she herself will dream. Sakina says she can do it herself then. At night, Shanti tells Mishra that she will dream herself today and gives a long list of chores to Mishra. Mishra says she cannot dream if she continues giving him tasks. She falls asleep. Next morning, she informs Mishra that she dreamt about leaving sink tap open and water overflowing in whole house. He says she really did and he cleaned it. She says dream is really a tough job. Sakina says that is why they should buy ticket from her. Mishra asks price. She says 2000 rs. Shanti bargains. Sakina denies giving excuses. Mishra gives 2000 rs and asks to dream about them. Sakina says she will try.


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