Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd June 2021 Episode starts with Mirza and Bachchan confronting each other for their words. Bachchan asks did I press your paining nerve? Mirza cries. Bachchan says I can help you. Mirza tells about betting in cricket and winning the money. Bachchan says even you. Mirza asks what do you mean, even you, if your lota business was fake. Bachchan says he was playing with Pappu and bittu. Mirza asks why you didn’t tell me? Bachchan says I will not like if you get rich. Mirza says I didn’t tell you due to the same reasons.

They both cry. Bachchan says he had broken jija ji’s FD. Mirza says they shall lie that his lota truck collided with chicken truck. Bachchan says ok. Pappu and Bittu rejoice to get 5 lakhs Rs from Mirza and Bachchan. They feel happy that Mirza sold Sakina’s jewellery and Bachchan broke the FD. Pappu says we shall make them bet haveli. Bachchan tells Shanti about the accident, which destroyed his business. Mirza also tells the same story to Sakina. Sakina asks him to get her jewellery back. Shanti also asks Bachchan to get 5 lakhs rs. Mirza and Bachchan call the people whom they assigned the haveli work, and asks them not to renovate the haveli.

Mirza asks Bachchan to call Bittu and enquire with him, why did they lose? Bittu tells that the tip was sure, but somehow it got leaked and that’s why Zimbabwe had to lose. He then traps them to play again. Bachchan says they don’t have any money now. Bittu says it is a big series, you can try your luck and get the lost money back. Bachchan says ok. Bittu ends the call. Mirza asks Bachchan if we shall play again. Bachchan asks have you gone mad? Mirza says we shall get money from money lender and play, else we have to die anyhow. He says if we lose then our debt will increase, but if we win then our love will get better. Bachchan says Don Cobra gives money, but if anyone don’t return money then he kill the person. Mirza says he can take cobra’s bullet, but not Sakina.

They go to Cobra and ask him to give 10 lakhs Rs. Cobra agrees to give them money and says if they don’t return then they will be shot. They get the money and sit in the car. Bachchan says if we lose again then we shall lie down in grave and pyre respectively. Mirza says we shall take guarantee from them. Bittu gives 200 percent guarantee and says if they lose then he will give them money. He asks them, how much money they have bought. Bachchan says 10 lakhs Rs. Bittu and Pappu are shocked.

Shanti and Sakina doubt on their lie. Pappu and Bittu lie that they got the tip from empire. Pappu pretends to bet on Srilanka for 10 lakhs Rs. They play old match to fool them. Bachchan asks if we will win. Bittu asks if he can’t listen. Mirza worries. They panic and wait for them to win. They hear the commentary and see that Bangladesh won. They faint due to shock. Later Bittu and Pappu sprinkle water on them and make them get up in the middle of the night. Mirza and Bachchan ask if they are dead. Bittu asks them to go else Sakina and Shanti will fulfill their dream. Mirza and Bachchan ask Bittu to give them money. Bittu says he will give, but will give them in 15 years, monthly 300. Mirza asks what is this guarantee? Pappu asks them not to take tension.

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