Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th June 2021  Episode starts with Mirza and Bachchan are walking on the road while the song lutgaye plays. The drunkard asks them what happened to them. Mirza tells that they are ruined. Bachchan tells that they lost bet on Srilanka and Bangladesh match. The drunkard asks when? Mirza says today. The drunkard says Srilanka and Bangladesh haven’t played since a year. Bachchan asks then we have bet on which match? The drunkard says on the old match. Mirza asks how can he be so sure? The drunkard cries and tells that he had lost all his money in that match. Mirza and Bachchan realize that they have been cheated.

They see them escaping and run behind their car. Bittu and Pappu escape. Bachchan and Mirza cry and think to hide in their houses. Bachchan goes to his side of house and asks Shanti to hide him as Cobra will kill him. Mirza also tells the same thing to Sakina. Bachchan asks Shanti to hide him in his purse or make him as jewellery. Shanti slaps him and asks him to tell fully. Bachchan tells everything, about how Bittu and Pappu fooled them and how they took money from Cobra. Shanti and Sakina scold Bachchan and Sakina. They ask them not to be scared from Cobra as they are more dangerous than Cobra.

Next day, Mirza tells Bachchan that their condition is very bad. Bachchan says Didi took Durga Avatar. Mirza says yesterday I thought my wife will kill me. Bachchan says we have lost respect. They see Cobra coming there and get shocked. They are about to jump down from the balcony, but Cobra catches them and says you are under arrest. He asks why they haven’t returned his money. Bachchan tells that someone cheated us, that’s why we didn’t return your money. Cobra says he will fire at them and gives them warning. Shanti says let me talk to him. Cobra says only English. Bachchan says he only speaks in English. Shanti says yes, my brother will return your money, give him sometime. Cobra asks how much time? Shanti says 1 week. Cobra says granted. Shanti thanks him as reading the letter. Cobra leaves.

Sakina says how we will manage the money? Bachchan says how we will search Bittu? Brij says he has an idea to call Bittu here. He says this idea starts with World cup 2011. He says they have fooled you both using cricket match, now they will be fooled due to the world cup. Pappu fears that Mirza and Bachchan will get to know about the truth. Bittu tells that it is a crime to do cash payment and they will be trapped themselves.

Majnu calls Bittu and asks if he came to know anything. Bittu says Bachchan and Mirza are bankrupt. Majnu says they got rich and got the ball of World cup 2011. He asks him to check the ball. The reporter tells that the ball went missing after Dhoni hit sixer in the world cup 2011 and India had won. He says everyone wanted to get that ball and now it is worth 10 crores. He asks how are they feeling? Mirza says they are feeling great and some angel gave them this ball. Bittu tells Pappu that he had given ball to them, which was stolen from scrap merchant. He says I am a fool to give 10 crores ball to get some lakhs. Pappu says I always says that you are foolish and made your loss. Bittu says we will return and will ask for our ball. He says he will give 2-4 lakhs.

They return to Mirza and Bachchan’s house. Majnu asks the men to stand in line and stop Bittu and Pappu. Bittu thinks he has done a big loss. They get inside. Mirza and Bachchan call their family. Mirza says angels have come. Bachchan asks Majnu to return everyone as Gods have come here. Bittu asks them to return their ball. Bachchan asks them to leave. Bittu says he is asking for his ball. Bachchan says we have lost everything in cricket match and says this is the only thing which is with us. Sakina says public agreed to give 5000 to hold this ball and 50000 to play with it. Bittu asks him to take 2-4 lakhs and return his ball. Mirza says we can earn this amount in a day. Bachchan says we can give your ball to you for 2 years at 20 lakhs Rs. Bittu says ok. Pappu says ok. They leave. Bachchan tells that Bittu will enquire with someone about this ball’s value. Brij says BBC can help us.

Bittu asks pappu to enquire about the ball’s value. Pappu says he shall enquire if it values more. Just then BBC newspaper falls there. Bittu reads the news that famous Businessman Heeralal wants to buy the ball at any cost. Pappu asks him to take 20 lakhs Rs and gives it to Mirza and Bachchan. They come to their house, give 20 lakhs and take the ball. Bachchan and Mirza find their money and get relaxed.

Later Bittu and Pappu wait for people to come and see the ball. A song plays….as they wait. Pappu tells that even Dog haven’t come to peep in. Bittu gets a call and the guy Heeralal poodhar scolds him. They realize they have been fooled by Mirza and Bachchan.


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bachchan gets a new idea and shares with Mirza. They plan to get rich by selling the detergent liquid to the people.


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