Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th May 2021 Episode starts with Prakash comes to Mishra’s shop talking on the phone and tells that he is a famous guide. He tells that he knows about him and the humble guy staying in the haveli. Mishra asks Majnu to give pan. Prakash asks about Mirza and says I heard that his intention is not good. Mishra says he is a bad guy. He asks what did he do? Prakash tells that he does cultural guide. Mishra asks if 6 people go for 5 countries visit then how much money is needed? Prakash tells that 3 lakhs Rs. Mishra says then I have to rob somewhere. Prakash asks who wants to go? Mishra says I want to go with my family. Prakash asks him to do marketing of the other countries and then he will get his money back from the embassy. Mishra agrees. Prakash goes to Mirza and asks if he is the famous Mirza tea stall. He tells him that Mishra told bad things about him. Mirza asks who is he? Prakash says he is a famous guide and invites him to the haveli.

Mishra comes home. Shanti gives him list. Mishra asks if she made a small list. Shanti asks her son to bring sugar/salt water. He brings it. Mishra reads China, Russia, Brazil, Greenland, Australia…and asks what is all this? Shanti shows the map and says will start from India, will go to China, then will go to Russia, Brazil, Greenland, Australia and then will return to our India. Mishra gets shocked and drinks the sugar/salt water. He asks his son to bring one more glass of water.

Mishra asks Sakina, if she chose the 5 countries name. Sakina says yes, and says Dubai, America, London, Switzerland and Syria. Mirza asks her not to take names of the countries and asks what is the reason that she chose these countries? Sakina says she heard that Biryani is delicious in these countries. Mirza says why to waste money to have biryani. He asks how did you choose? She says she took the globe and chose, asks if they shall go to Afghanistan.

Noorjahan and Brij talk to each other and tell that their sons don’t take them to religious places. Noorjahan says she heard that they are going to 5 countries. Brij says he will not go. Noorjahan says she don’t want to die in other country.

Mishra and Mirza look at World Map and Globe…and think they are dependent on Prakash Panchi now. Later prakash comes to Mishra’s house and introduces himself. Mishra tells that he publicizes about other countries in our nation. Shanti scolds Mishra for bringing him here and asks what is the advantage to publicize other countries. Prakash says wherever you go, you will hear learn the customs, traditions and language of the countries and will publicize it here, I will get your spent money back from embassy. Shanti tells Mishra that he didn’t introduce him well. Prakash tells that he will give them training for a week and goes.

He goes to Mirza’s house. Mirza tells Sakina that he is his old friend Prakash Panchi. Sakina says I didn’t see him before. Mirza says he is my old friend. Noorjahan comes there. Prakash calls him Ammijaan and greets him. Noorjahan asks who is here? Mirza tells that he is cultural promoter. Prakash says he takes people to other countries to visit for a rupee and then they promote it here. Noorjahan scolds him and says he looks like a kidnapper. Mirza says he is a nice guy. Noorjahan warns him and goes inside. Prakash tells Mirza and Sakina that they have to take one week’s training to go to Dubai. He says he will meet them tomorrow. Sakina and Mirza get happy.

Sakina thinks to go out, then calls Shanti. Guddu picks the call and tells that mummy is making list of shopping. He gives call to Shanti. Sakina asks if she is going to shopping. Shanti says grocery shopping. She asks if she is going abroad. Sakina says no, tells that her husband is not having money. Shanti asks if she is going to sales. Sakina refuses. Shanti hears Inaam asking her to come for shopping. She thinks even they are going to foreign.

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