Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 5th May 2021 Episode starts with Shanti asking Prakash to tell about China. He tells that Mantras shall be recited before having food in China. He teaches them fake mantras and make them have food with chopsticks. Just then electricity goes, Brij and Mishra start eating Chinese noodles with their hands. Shanti comes back holding candle. Electricity returns. Prakash tells that he will teach them have noodles and eats everyone’s noodles using chopsticks. He says tomorrow they will have Italian food. He goes from there and comes to Mishra’s house. He says here lucknowi biryani is available and in will get camel biryani.

Noorjahan says she will not eat it. Prakash gets a call and pretends to talk to Prince Williams. Mirza finishes his biryani and eats from Prakash’s plate too. Prakash comes back and says you made my plate sparkle and teaches them Arabic. Mirza and Mishra think how to handle the expenses as they work hard in their shops, then only they get money. Mishra says we are trapped badly and tells that he didn’t pay the electricity bills since 6 months. Mirza says shall we take loan from bank. Mishra says who will give us loan and says haveli papers are not in our name. Mishra tells that they shall refuse to go to other country. Mirza says I will also tell my wife. Sakina comes to Mirza and tells that today she will get shorma. Mirza says ok. Shanti comes to Mishra and tells that she has ordered Italian food. He says ok. Their wives go. Mirza and Mishra taunt each other to be wife’s slaves and think what they shall do.

The reporter comes there and says they take money to hide news. He says their newspaper has completed 10 years. Mishra says we didn’t see the news. Reporter says the title is kabutar baaz….and tells that a guy will take you to foreign for free, then will take out your kidneys and will leave you. Mishra and Mirza get shocked and asks how to identify such person. The reporter says first he will feed you and then will cut your neck. He will call your family as his…etc. Mishra and Mirza realize Prakash Panchi is a fraud. Prakash Panchi tells that he got all the family now. Mishra recalls reporter’s words. Prakash calls Brij as Daddy ji and gives him medicine to get rid of constipation.

He tells Brij that he is his elder brother and calls him jija ji. He then comes to Mirza’s house and gives dupatta to Sakina, shoes for kids and Desi ghee Gujiya for Noorjahan. Mishra says you didn’t bring anything for me. Prakash says I will bring it for you next time. Sakina asks why did you bring it? Prakash says he brought it for his sister. He tells that he has cut his stomach to bring these stuff. Mirza recalls Reporter’s words. Sakina gives the plate to Prakash. Mirza asks him to keep it down and says I have something special to give you. Shanti says I will bring food. Mishra says he will clean his hands. Shanti goes. Mishra asks Prakash to come with him. Mirza also asks him to come out and takes him to room. He then beats Prakash. Mishra also beats him.

Bittu comes to Prakash and asks how many people had beaten you. Prakash says I went there for free food and says I didn’t know that they are so clever. Bittu says I am friend of their enemy and asks him to work for him. Prakash says they are very dangerous. Bittu says I will make you return their house with respect. He goes to Sakina’s house. Sakina asks him to come inside. Bittu says who will get himself insulted. Shanti asks what happened? Bittu says how to tell you. Mishra says you have one mouth, tell us. Bittu tells that he didn’t want to come and tells that Prakash Panch was thrashed here, and tells that he has sent gifts for you and said last farewell.

He gives gift to Shanti also and tells that Mishra had beaten him. Shanti says why will he beat his friend? Bittu says he is in bad condition and asks Shanti to ask Mishra. Sakina asks Bittu to tell what happened to Panchi? Bittu says he was badly insulted and beaten. Sakina says don’t know which bad guy has done this? Bittu says your husband. Sakina scolds Mirza, while Shanti scolds Mishra. Mishra says he is fraud. Sakina worries for him. Mirza asks her to understand him. Shanti asks him not to make her understand and says did you see such an honest guy? She says if my brother Panchi don’t return home by evening then…warns him. Sakina refuses to have food until Prakash returns home.

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