Bade Acche Lagte Hain 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 10th September 2021 Episode starts with Akki messaging Shivi. He asks Priya not to fight with anyone, he can get any other movie. She says I don’t fight anyone. He shows the producer. Ram comes and says you did my work on one call. Priya thinks Ram got Akki’s work cancelled. She goes to Ram and argues. Ram takes anti-cold film and eats an icecream. He says its my fav film. She says you got Akki removed from this film. Producer says I think you liked the screening. Ram says yes, I came to watch Mohabbatein, I love films, who removed Akki.

Akki tells the matter. He says Priya thought you have done all this. Ram says I don’t know about it, Mr. Singh, this isn’t right, if you want me to invest in your business, rectify this, anyone should get work based on merit, maybe he plays the violin in Mohabbatein. Singh says you can come tomorrow for audition, I can’t say whose call was it, it wasn’t Ram’s call. He goes. Ram says icecream melted. He goes. Akki says you were rude, you should say sorry, he helped and left. Priya calls out Ram and runs after him. Ram says its going to rain. He leaves. Priya says he left.

Nandini asks Shubham to call again and ask. Mami says reports will be positive. She asks Shivi to drink the juice. Shivi says I don’t want this. Nandini says you deal with your mistake. Shivi says Akki will take care of me, he is taking update from clinic. Nandini says Ram should marry Priya. Shubham says tell him about Shivi’s pregnancy, he doesn’t refuse to you. She says yes, just we are his family, Shivi is lucky that Ram is her brother, he loves her a lot. Meera and Sara come. Mami asks is she your Saas. Meera says I thought a lot about the proposal, I decided, I accept Ram and Priya’s relation. Nandini says great. Sara says ask Priya once. Meera says think its Priya’s yes, injustice won’t happen with Shivi, she broke her engagement for love, she will get what’s hers. Nandini says so sweet, thanks, I m so happy, you ended my tensions, don’t worry for Ram, take it as his yes, congrats. Sara says we can’t guarantee this from Priya.

Shashi shouts on his manager. He says there are many losses, so I wanted Ram’s sister to marry Sid, get out. Vedika comes. Shashi says I asked you to tell Ram about Shivi. Vedika says I couldn’t tell her. He asks why. Ram is on a work call and eats a burger. Akki comes to him. Ram offers him a burger. Akki says no thanks, I came to thank you. Ram says you are talented so you went in final round, I trust your talents, I m sure your sister doesn’t think so. Akki says she is strict type. Ram says I understand your worry, so I m patiently waiting for you. Akki says your and Priya’s jodi is perfect. Ram says your sister will kill you if she hears this.

Akki smiles and leaves. Ram gets Nandini’s call. Nandini says Priya’s mum came and said Priya is ready to marry you. He asks what, there would be some confusion. She says no, if she is ready, then will you marry her for your sister’s sake. He says we can’t force her, don’t worry for Shivi. She says we have no time, Shivi and Akki’s marriage should happen soon, if Priya is ready to marry you, then will you marry her. Ram says I can do anything for Shivina, even marriage. He sees Vedika and says I will call you later. He says hi, I m not marrying, its just… Vedika says its fine, matter is sensitive, I saw Shivina at maternity clinic, maybe she went for routine checkup, I thought to inform you, I know you love your family a lot. Ram says sorry, give me a moment. He leaves and thinks of Nandini’s words. Ram goes to meet Priya at the college. Students comment. Ram says I want to marry you. Priya asks what. He says yes, I do.

She asks everyone to go to their classes. Ram says listen to me. She asks are you drunk. He says Shivi is pregnant. She asks what. He says that’s why you agreed to marry me. She asks when did I say yes. He says our marriage. She says rubbish, I will go and talk to Akki. He says you didn’t say yes, your mom said yes to my mom. She says go home and write your thoughts in a diary, I will go home and sort this, you want me to marry you because Shivi is pregnant, go and talk to Akki, don’t propose me. He says you will be marrying someone some day, marry me. She says of course not. She asks how do you know she is pregnant. He says she didn’t tell me, I don’t want to marry. She says then don’t come after me. He asks Twinkle to tell Priya. She says I know you are worried for Shivi, I will talk to Akki, we don’t need to marry for this. She goes.

Meera comes to Sara’s bakery and asks for Priya. Sara says Ram went to institute, Priya got to know everything. Adi and Kunal eat the food. Vikrant comes and says Ram said yes for marrying Priya. They ask what. Nandini waits for reports. Ram comes and says I told Priya that I m ready to marry her, I don’t know she will say yes or not, she said she will talk to Akki, she needs time to think. Nandini says we have no time, if she refuses to Ram, then I will ask Shubham to marry her. Shubham asks what, she is elder, I won’t marry a tacky aunty. Mama says Ram is stepbrother and still agreed for marriage, can’t Shubham agree. Ram says this is my family, dad left these relations for me, I can do anything for family, mom knows that I just fell in love once, now I can’t love anyone, but I will keep the commitment.

Nandini says your dad left us, but gave you. Ram says he gave you all to me. She says I will call Meera, this marriage will be right for both the families. Priya comes home. She says I will talk to mum first. Meera talks to Nandini on call. Nandini says if Ram is not a perfect match for Priya, then I would have not forced you, Ram has agreed for marriage. Meera thanks her. She ends call. Priya asks what was the need to go and say that I m ready for marriage. Akki gives her water.

Nandini says Priya said yes for marriage, finally marriage will happen. Shivi comes happily with the reports. She says I m not pregnant, no pregnancy, no baby. Mami says thank God. Shubham says wow, thanks. Nandini says thank God. Akki shows the reports to Priya. Priya says Shivi isn’t pregnant. Meera cries. She says now Priya won’t marry Ram. Akki says I love Shivi, I will not leave her. Shivi says I just had acidity. Ram says you can’t be serious. Shivi and Shubham argue. Shubham says mom was going to sacrifice Ram and me for your stress, that’s weird. Meera says you will be alone like this. Priya says this is Mahender’s words, don’t think about him, will you get me married to show him Meera says you are my pride, I cry all night in worry, Akki knows, so he is trying for your marriage. Shivi says now you don’t need to marry. Ram says you will marry Akki. Priya says I m happy. Ram thinks to convince Priya.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya says I have to meet you. Ram asks are you ready to marry me. They meet at the cafe. She says Akki is more dear than my own brother. Ram says marriage isn’t for love, for Shivi’s sake. They try the upma. Bade acche lagte hai….plays… They laugh.


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