Bade Acche Lagte Hain 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 12th September 2022 Episode starts with Ram saying it will happen as you want, I don’t like to see your tears. He takes Pihu and Priya. Vedika thinks it all went wrong. Nandita stops them and asks Tarun to get aarti plate. She asks why did you go leaving us alone, we were scared.

Shubham says she was scared because of Vedika. He asks Ram to be with Pihu. He goes. Nandini does Pihu’s aarti. She says sorry, I couldn’t take care of Pihu well. Pihu says I m sorry. Nandini says promise, you won’t go this again.

Pihu promises. Nandini says we all are happy since you came here, you are my sweet medicine. Pihu says you are also sweet. Ram says Pihu wants Priya to stay here with us. Nandini says it will happen as you want.

Ram asks Pihu to help him keep her happy. She says I didn’t wish to upset you. He asks her to promise, she won’t go anywhere. She promises. She says we will make Ganpati now. He asks her to help. Priya says we will keep these modaks in puja. Nandini asks Tarun to tell Priya that guests stay in outhouse.

She scolds Priya. She says I will tell Pihu that you were in jail for two years. Priya says you know, it happened on your word, I can understand what Ram is feeling, I m not using Shivina’s death. Nandini gets angry. Priya says I know what he is going through,

it wasn’t my mistake, it was your mistake, it was my mistake to believe you, I won’t repeat that mistake now. They argue. Pihu and Ram come. She says we have made a clay Ganpati, we will see the face tomorrow, we will place it. Ram smiles. Priya says you can’t win this time, Ram and Pihu are together, your destruction has started.

Pihu says Ram and I are really similar. Priya thinks he is your dad, its time to tell this to you, but you will ask me why didn’t I say this before, I have to think and tell you. Pihu asks don’t you like to stay here. Priya says I like to stay anywhere with you. Pihu asks can you stay with Ram always.

Priya asks her to go and see Ram, is he ready. Vedika says Ram, you really look happy. Ram says Pihu is with me, I m really happy, Priya is Pihu’s mum, we both are imp for Pihu, Priya isn’t wrong. She says I didn’t mean that,

Pihu doesn’t know that you are her dad, this excuse won’t work always. She asks will you go to court for Pihu’s custody. He says no, I won’t drag Pihu in this, she has faced a lot, I have to tell her that I m her dad.

She says you are very forgiving. He says I m ready to forget Priya and my differences for her sake. She says that’s great, everyone is happy with her coming. He says Pihu is so lovely. She says I don’t understand, why Priya lied to you and hurt you, I m saying this because I had hurt you and I still regret it, I really respect you, I feel proud of you that you don’t want any legal battle.

Ram says Priya and I have to tell Pihu that we are her parents. She says I agree, I m so happy for you. She hugs him. Pihu thinks why is she hugging Ram, she is so mean. Ram asks Pihu to come inside. He compliments her. She also compliments him. She says I don’t like this pocket square and removes it. Ram says sorry Vedika. He asks Pihu will you come on a date with me.

Pihu says yes. They go to Priya. Pihu says Ram is looking nice, right. Priya says yes, he looks really good. Bade acche…plays… Meera and Sandy come. Pihu runs and hugs them. Priya thinks to talk to Pihu. Ram smiles.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sandy says I feel they are thinking to file for Pihu’s custody. Krish tells the same to Priya and asks her to just get Pihu, reach the airport. Nandini and Vedika smile.


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