Bade Acche Lagte Hain 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Meera saying Sara has gone to her Sasural. Pihu asks why didn’t Vikrant and Adi come. Meera says I have made motichoor laddoos for you. They go.

Shubham says Sandy, I can’t manage things without you, can you check these papers, I want to surprise Ram during the puja. She says sure. Nandini and Vedika look on. Sandy sees the divorce/child custody lawyer card. He asks what is it doing here, I was finding that, I will go and give this to Ram,

he wanted this. She thinks and checks on net about the lawyer. She says he is the best divorce lawyer and didn’t lose any custody case. Shubham talks to Ram and gives a client’s card. Ram says I m impressed with your work. She thinks to tell Priya or not. Ram does the aarti. Vedika comes.

Pihu stops her. Ram says I will do the aarti with Pihu. Pihu brings Priya there. They do the aarti together. Pihu eats the sweets and thinks I m more smart than Vedika. Ram asks Pihu to feed him the sweets too. Priya thinks what’s going on between them. Ram asks Pihu to come and take the aarti, its Bappa’s blessings.

Priya says no. She asks Sandy to take Pihu to room. Ram asks what is happening, why did you send Pihu. Priya says she has an allergy with camphor. Ram asks why didn’t you tell me before, I should have known this. She says its imp for puja, you don’t know about Pihu, no one knows except me, ask me next time, it will be good for Pihu. Ram says sorry.

Nandini and Vedika smile. Ram thinks I don’t know my daughter, its your mistake, I don’t know about her allergy. Nandini says we can’t assume things, Vedika, it will affect both Ram and Priya. He says sorry, what happened, mom. Nandini says nothing. He says I heard you talking about me.

Vedika says I think Ram should know this. She gives the card. He says Mr. Chadda is a famous divorce and child custody case, whose card is that. She says who else has a child in this house, Priya. Nandini says no, I can’t stay away from Pihu. Ram says I will talk to Priya and come. Vedika asks will she come, she is hiring an expensive lawyer to snatch Priya from you.

Ram says she is Pihu’s mum, I will go and clear this doubt. Nandini says no, she will take Pihu right away. He says Pihu is Priya’s daughter and mine too. Vedika says she said you need her permission. He says of course, Pihu stayed with Priya for the last 5 years, Priya isn’t snatching her.

Vedika says you are a good person, I feel worried for you and Nandini, I noticed, she has shown it that just she has a right on Pihu, you have to take her permission, what explanation can she give us, she wants to do what she did before, she made Pihu away from you. Ram leaves.

Pihu says I will play with Ram. Priya comes and asks her to study. Pihu says let me play with Ram please. Priya says you didn’t open your book, Ram wants to get your admission done in the top school, come on, study. Pihu says I will say thanks and feed him the cupcake. Priya says study first.

Ram comes. He says I want to play with Pihu. He asks Pihu to come. She says Priya refused, sorry. He says but you promised. She says but she said I have to study for the new school. He says I get it, I need to take Priya’s permission.

He asks Priya for the permission. Priya thinks he is upset. Ram sees the school brochure. He thinks what does she want to do, she decided to send Pihu to school. He takes Pihu. Shubham, Nandini and Vedika drink.

He says I gave the brochure to Priya and told that Ram wants Pihu to study there, Priya can also work and stay there. Nandini says Priya will agree without saying anything, Ram will think Priya is trying to take Pihu away, there will be much misunderstandings between them. Vedika says Ram got a doubt, now his doubt will get certain.

Ram thinks I have to tell Priya that I don’t want to come between my daughter’s future, but why is she going to Dehradun. He sees Priya and goes to help in filling the inflatable toy pool. She says we have to tell the truth to Pihu, she is our daughter, yours and mine, we have to decide for her together.

He thinks what was I thinking, why didn’t she ask me about school. She says she wants you to become a part of her life. He asks what do you want. She says if I didn’t want this, then I would have not told this to you, how to tell her that you are her dad, how will I explain her alone. He says I m there, we will find a solution, Pihu is sensible,

she will understand, it’s the result of your good upbringing. She says she will learn good things from you, I won’t come between, its just your right, we should make a routine, she can spend equal time with us, she is my daughter and yours also,

I was thinking, we should tell her the truth together with families and friends, she will get many relations. Ram says one more thing, I want to talk to you, being Pihu’s dad, I don’t want her to go to Dehradun, we have a business here. She says fine, we won’t go.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sandy says I think they are thinking of filing for Pihu’s custody. Krish asks Priya to take Pihu and leave. Priya says I will just get her and leave. He asks her to reach the airport. Nandini and Vedika smile.


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