Bade Acche Lagte Hain 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 14th September 2022 Episode starts with Ram and Priya talking about Pihu and smiling. Pihu looks on and thinks don’t know what they are talking, but I like to see them smiling. She says I liked to see them happy. Vedika asks what. Pihu goes. Vedika says I will disappear their happiness in 2 mins.

She drops the lawyer’s card and goes. Priya thinks I know how is life without a father, it shouldn’t happen with Pihu, Ram will never think of breaking my relation with Pihu. Sandy comes. Priya doesn’t see the card.

Sandy says I have to talk, come home with me. They leave. Vedika says nothing worked today. Shubham says Sandy saw the card, and left. Nandini says we did a lot to keep Ram and Priya separated, we will convince Ram now, Ram will see when Priya tries to take Pihu away. Sandy says I saw this card, Shubham gave this card to Ram in front of me, Ram wants to get Pihu’s legal custody.

Priya asks Meera does she think Ram can do this. Meera says no. Sandy says think logically, he isn’t the old Ram now, he has changed a lot. Priya says no, he knows Pihu won’t be happy without me, he won’t do this.

Sandy asks what about this card, tell me. Ram asks is this client coming tonight. Shubham says yes, we will go to airport, client will come to meet you. Ram says I can’t come today. Shubham thinks what to do. Nandini comes and says its Pihu’s first Ganesh Chaturthi, we will celebrate. Ram says okay, I have no issue. He goes. Nandini gets a call from lawyer. She says really,

that’s great news. She says Krish met that lawyer. Krish says I met the lawyer to clear Sandy’s doubt, she is right, Chadda has refused to take your case, because Ram already hired her. Sandy says yes, think why he wants you to stay back. Priya says no, Ram loves Pihu, he can’t do this, Nandini is planning all this, she is very clever, Ram said she wants things to get sorted soon.

Krish says I will try to find out. Priya says no need, I will talk to Ram and tell everything to Pihu. He says okay, but please be careful. She thinks I know Nandini is doing this, I won’t let you win. Shubham says that lawyer called. Pihu asks who. Ram says no one, work related. They leave.

Shubham says game has started, but Ram refused to go to the airport. Nandini says Priya will help us. Priya comes home and asks about Pihu. Tarun says Ram and Pihu went out. She says but he didn’t inform me. Vedika taunts Priya. Priya says I m not interested in talking to you.

Vedika says just our love for Ram is common. Priya says you just love his money. Vedika says I never questioned your reasons for leaving Ram. Priya asks why are you talking all this, I don’t make Ram away from his friends, like you did, you can’t become like me, I have no interest in becoming like you, you don’t try.

Vedika says you know Ram and I were close. Priya says this deal happened because of Pihu and me, you got much money, right. Vedika says I m talking with respect and you are insulting me. Priya asks why, what’s your motive, do you want to show a visiting card. Vedika asks what, I m with Ram, it will happen as he wants. Priya asks did he ask you to drop that visiting card in front of me.

Vedika says we wanted you to leave this house. Priya calls Ram. Tarun gets the envelope to her. She checks Pihu’s passport and calls the person to ask. She asks about Ram’s parcel. The man says yes, he asked me to make Pihu’s passport urgently. She says I got it, did Ram come there for this work. He says yes. He sees Shubham. Shubham gives him the money and leaves.

Ram and Pihu come home. Pihu says we had a good darshan. Ram asks Tarun about the parcel. Priya thinks it means Ram ordered the passport. Shubham talks to Ram in front of Priya to mislead Priya. She angrily goes.

Ram says I had ordered colours for Pihu, it didn’t come. Pihu says pandit gave this prasad. Priya asks where did you go, tell me. Pihu says Ram asked me not to tell you, Ram met a lawyer. Priya asks what.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya says I will take Pihu and leave. Krish asks her to reach the airport. She sees Ram and hides.


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