Bade Acche Lagte Hain 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 15th September 2022 Episode starts with Ram saying we have to forget the past for Pihu’s sake. Nandini says I know, but when I see Priya, I get the bad memories. Ram says think about it, what will be Pihu’s future. She agrees. He thanks her. Pihu says Ram thinks I don’t like him much.

Priya says I won’t tell him, promise. Pihu says act surprised, okay, show me. Priya thinks why did he meet the lawyer. Priya asks her to go and wash her hands. She sees Pihu’s passport. She thinks why did he refuse to Pihu. Pihu comes and says yes, do this acting when he surprises you, I will go and meet him.

She goes. Priya says why did Ram do this, I have to talk to Krish. Ram and Pihu talk about the Switzerland trip surprise. Priya says I regret that Ram wants to take Pihu away from me. Krish says you said you trust Ram, he won’t go this. She says he made the passports, he went to meet the lawyer, he asked Pihu not to tell me anything,

I can’t take a chance, promise me Krish, you will support me. He says of course, I promise you, I won’t let anyone separate you and Pihu. She says everything will be fine. He says yes, I will go and check what’s going on, and meet you at night. Pihu shows the drawing. She shows Adi and Brinda also.

She says I miss them, when will they come. Priya comes. Ram says we will get ready for visarjan, they are busy, our surprise is waiting. Priya asks her to get ready. She says go and drink the juice. Pihu goes.

Ram asks why was she asking about Adi and Brinda. Priya says she always saw them with you, I know her, she won’t listen, I know her likes and dislikes. He asks why are you snapping at me like this, I want to know everything about her, I spoke to mom, she will be there. Priya thinks did you plan anything.

He thinks I can’t tell the surprise. He says no, make Pihu ready, then we will meet. She says we decided to talk to Pihu. He says you are upset that I took Pihu. She says you should have told me. He says I m sorry, I thought someone will tell you when you come home, I m sorry, are you okay.

She says yes. He says there won’t be tensions once we tell everything to Pihu, are you stressed that she will choose me over you, I m like that. She asks why would she choose. He says it won’t happen if we handle this maturely. She thinks to ask him. He goes. Krish messages her. She calls him.

He says there is no doubt, Ram is filing for Pihu’s sole custody. She says he can’t do this. He says I just saw Vedika meeting the lawyer, you have to take Pihu and leave. Vedika looks on and messages Nandini. Krish says don’t think much, else you will regret. Priya says I also have a right.

He says its easy to snatch your right, they will prove that you are not a good mum. Priya says no, I will leave from here with Pihu. Nandini smiles. Krish asks her to come to the airport. Vedika gets Nandini’s message. Priya packs her bag. She says I can’t live by losing you, Pihu. Ram hugs Pihu. Nandini and Shubham smile.

Priya cries and thinks why is Ram doing this. Ram comes and worries for Priya’s hand injury. He scolds her with love. He does the aid. He asks did Pihu get hurt when you were around. She says no, I took good care of her, I never let her cry, why are you asking such things, let it be, I will manage.

He asks what were you doing that you got hurt. She says I was trying to remove the bangles, thinking you need it. He asks why. She says I thought you want to gift these to Pihu. He says fine if you want. She gives the bangles. He thinks not to fight her. She thinks he is taking bangles back because…

He asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks her to come downstairs. He thinks why do I feel that she is upset, its fine if she doesn’t want these bangles, we promised to respect each other’s decisions. Ram and Pihu do the aarti.

Pihu worries for Priya. Ram says its okay, mumma is fine. Priya thinks when did you become so insensitive. Pihu says mumma got such injury when the roof fell over me. Ram asks what do you mean. Pihu says mumma was boiling milk for me, the roof was moving, it fell down, she saved me.

Nandini says you should have called Ram. Ram says yes, how could you stay at such a place. Priya thinks Krish was right, they want to prove me as a bad mother to snatch Pihu. Ram thinks it was tough for Priya. Priya says I never let Pihu get hurt. Pihu says yes, its my mistake. Ram asks why did you take the risk, you had a choice, you knew that Pihu is my…

Priya says I never let anything happen to Pihu. He says we will talk later. She wishes Krish comes on time. Ram asks Pihu why are you sad, that Ganpati is going. She says yes. He says it’s a ritual. They do the visarjan. Priya takes Pihu saying it’s a special night for us. Ram thinks Priya is going to tell Pihu that I m her dad, why is she changing plan when we were going to tell her in front of the family. Nandini says Priya, your down count starts.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya talks to Pihu and takes her out of the house. They hide from Ram.


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