Bade Acche Lagte Hain 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 17th August 2022  Episode starts with Vedika seeing Ishaan at the bakery. She thinks why didn’t Nandini come, shall I go and blame her, maybe he accepts his crime and I record him. Krish says I can’t see anyone coming in the camera.

Ishaan says mom is waiting for me. Krish says we will go if nobody comes in 5 mins. Vedika says Ishaan is weird, he is studying here when its his mom’s marriage today. She gets Nandini’s message and leaves. She collides with a vase. Ishaan hears the sound. He goes to check. Krish and Ishaan don’t see anyone.

Ishaan says we lost that person. Krish gets an earring and says we got this proof, it can belong to Nandini or Vedika. Krish says yes, just a proof won’t help, what will I tell Priya.

Priya feels unwell. She says it means the medicines in the bottle were real, but how, if anything happens to Pihu. Ram asks what’s this madness. Priya gets dizzy. He says it means, those medicines, we need to go to hospital. He takes her in the car. Her phone rings. He thinks I can’t tell anything to Pihu.

He looks for his phone. He answers the call. Pihu asks where is mumma. Ram says I didn’t meet her since morning, maybe she forgot her phone in my car. She says she doesn’t like your big car. Ram says I will come home and explain you. He promises Pihu that Priya will be fine. He ends the call.

He thinks Priya is stubborn. He calls a doctor and says I m getting my wife, Priya, just attend her when we reach. They come to the hospital. Ram thinks why did Priya do this. He collides with someone. He thinks Priya has to leave after the interview, else mom will get more unwell. He hears about the Jio magnetic storm coming to hit Mumbai. He sees the same doctor in news, and thinks how did she come here. He switches off the tv.

Dr. Antara comes and asks did you see her, I m here because of the storm, I m finding my daughter. She tells her story. She asks did such a thing happen with you. He says its impossible to go in the past. She disappears. The lights flicker. He breaks from this dream. He thinks what happened to me, was this my imagination or true. Doctor comes and says Priya got conscious. Ram goes to see.

Brinda asks Pavan about preparations. Meera and everyone come. Sara says Ishaan went with Krish. Vikrant says I want to talk to you. They go aside. He asks did you talk to Priya. She says she scolded me, let it be. He says fine but this truth won’t be known to anyone that Pihu is Ram’s daughter.

Brinda says I will set your hair, come. She plucks Pihu’s hair. She says sorry. She thinks doctor needs Ram and Pihu’s hair samples for DNA, I have to get Ram’s hair sample then I will know if Pihu is his daughter. She takes their selfie. Adi comes and asks for his phone. Brinda stops him from checking her purse. He says you are my wife. She says this isn’t my bag, you gave phone to Vikrant. She looks for Ram.

Doctor says she is out of danger, but it can be dangerous for anyone to take anti anxiety pills. Ram says she took it by mistake. Doctor says let her rest. Priya gets up. She says I took the medicines, it was changed, I will call the doctor and prove it. She calls the doctor and says I m Pihu’s mum,

Priya, can you tell the truth to Ram. Doctor says we got a light amount of anti anxiety pill traces in Pihu’s blood. She asks why are you changing the matter. He says I told the same to you. Ram says I remember, sorry for troubling you. Shubham gives the cheque to the doctor. He says it’s a small donation for you and your hospital from Nandini Kapoor.

He thinks mom was right, its good she handled everything on time. Priya thinks Nandini changed the medicines and forced the doctor to lie. Ram says I made a big mistake by stopping you. She asks do you regret it. He asks don’t you regret, you are finding a chance to run away. They argue.

He says I should let you leave, you and Pihu should leave. She says we will leave, after the marriage and interview. He says I will handle the interview, you can go. She asks don’t you want me to help. He says I made a mistake. She cries and thinks I stayed here for you. He says I will make arrangements for you. She says I can manage. He says its good for everyone. She says you can’t stop me from attending my sister’s marriage, I promise, I won’t stay back for the interview. He says right.


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