Bade Acche Lagte Hain 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 18th August 2022 Episode starts with Sandy and Pihu talking. Brinda waits for Ram to take the hair sample to give for the test. She thinks Priya would definitely tell everything to Sara. She hugs Sara.

She asks Sara how is she feeling. Sara says I feel tensed, happy too. Brinda says we shall go and have some drinks. Ram and Priya come home. Pihu says I have to talk to you. Priya thinks I convinced Pihu, now Pihu is attached to Ram, and he asked us to leave. Pihu says we will celebrate Janmashtami tomorrow.

Nandini comes. Nandini and Priya taunt each other. Pihu says we won’t go tomorrow. Priya goes. Ram thinks she is making me a villain. Pihu says go and make her say yes. Ram goes. He asks why did you get ready to celebrate Janmashtami. Priya says you asked me to take Pihu and leave.

She asks why did you ask Pihu to celebrate Janmashtami and go. Ram says why shall I become bad in her eyes. She goes. Shubham comes and asks Ram did you ask her to leave, minister is there, interview is lined, convince Pihu

, Priya won’t agree. Brinda says Pihu doesn’t call Krish as his dad, is he okay with that. Sara says she doesn’t call Priya as her mum. Brinda asks why didn’t Priya marry Krish, when he is her first love. Sara says let it be, forget it.

Brinda says I m sorry, our friendship won’t break now, you are going to become wife of my best friend. Sara says promise me. Brinda promises and hugs her. Pihu runs to Krish and hugs. Krish says you look happy, what’s the good news. She asks what’s tomorrow. He says Janmashtami. She says Ram said we will enjoy a lot.

He thinks I can’t come tomorrow. Brinda thinks I m sure she is Ram’s daughter. Ram says Pihu told me that she likes Laddoo gopal and she wanted to celebrate, how can I refuse to her. Priya says you think of it, you wanted us to help you, I will give the interview and then leave, you have to break the promise to Pihu. She goes.

Brinda comes to Ram and says you got white hair. He says its called grey. She plucks a hair. He shouts. She says you are growing old, go now. He goes. She says I got Ram’s hair sample, I will find out what I m thinking is right or not. Pihu asks will mum agree to stay back. Ram says I will convince her. Minister looks on.

Shubham asks did you talk to Priya. Ram says Shubham also wants you to stay back. Priya comes to take Pihu to apply haldi to Sara. Vedika comes to Kanika. Kanika says they are acting, but they look like real family. Vedika says wait for the family to end. Nandini tricks Ishaan and sends him away. She asks Shubham to let it happen as its going on. She asks someone to play music. Adi goes. Sandy says Maitri is unwell,

she will come directly on marriage, we will go and get Sara. Ram asks Priya to stay back tomorrow for Pihu. Minister says I feel I was wrong about you, you will get the deal. Priya says the deal is everything. Ram thinks she thinks I m doing everything for the deal. Ishaan reads the message on the mirror, this is the face of Shivi’s murderer. He gets tensed and goes. Vedika smiles and thinks he got scared.

Sara comes for the haldi. Everyone dances on Kal ho na ho… plays… Ishaan gets Krish to the room to show the mirror. Krish doesn’t see anything. The mirror is cleaned up. Krish asks Ishaan to calm down and hugs him. Ram and Priya have an eyelock. They all dance. Meera applies the haldi to Sara. Din shagna da…. Plays.. Everyone applies the haldi to Vikrant and Sara.

Ram and Priya apply haldi to each other. Pihu smiles. Krish comes to Priya. Doctor comes home. Ram asks what happened, you here. Doctor says I got a call that the medicines got spoiled. Shubham and Ram say we didn’t call you. Priya says I had called, Nandini’s medicines fell down and got spoiled, so I called the doctor.

Doctor says medicines will come tomorrow, I got the injection, she should take it. Nandini asks what. Priya and Ram ask her to take it. Priya says so sorry, I called the doctor to rectify my mistake.

She takes Nandini to the room. Minister asks what happened, your health got bad even that day. Priya says you know why Ram and I got separated. Minister says yes, because of Shivina’s incident. Priya says yes, I accepted my mistake and got punished also, but Nandini isn’t able to cope up till now, she is a mum, what can we do.

Vedika comes. Priya says she takes anti anxiety pills, she forgot it last time. Ram says its my responsibility. Priya says let me do it today, I know the past won’t come back, I can atleast do something for her. Nandini worries.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya says Meera is your Nani, she is the world’s best Nani. She threatens Vedika and Shubham. Ram hears her and claps saying wow.


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