Bade Acche Lagte Hain 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Ram crying. Pita se hai naam tera….plays… Pihu asks are you upset that we are going. He recalls her words. She says Priya says hugging makes the pain away. He cries.

Priya says I m not staying back, there is nothing between Ram and me. She argues with Meera and Sara. Sara says I don’t understand what happened to you, you were positive before. Priya says no, you are misunderstanding.

Sandy asks what will you tell Pihu. Krish thinks Priya is hiding something. Meera says Priya, Pihu is so happy, why are you going. Priya says I have to go back, no one will talk about it. She leaves.

Ram says I will talk to your mumma later. He gets sad. Brinda gets angry on Adi. Adi says we found Ishaan. Vikrant says I wanted Ishaan and Sara to spend time. Brinda asks did you collect the DNA reports from the lab,

DNA reports of Ram and Pihu. Adi says it means you are fine, but why did you get the DNA test done. She says Vikrant, you knew it, don’t lie, swear on friendship. Vikrant says sorry, Sara asked me not to say, she said she will tell the truth to Pihu. Adi says it means Pihu is Ram’s daughter. Brinda says yes. Adi hugs them.

She says yes, reports are positive. He says I didn’t collect the reports. She asks who collected it, why did Priya lie, why is she doing this.

Ram thinks why did you do this with me, what can be the reason to fall in my eyes, you wanted me to hate you, Priya didn’t marry Krish, they never had an affair, she never loved him, she just loved me, but not me too, else she would have not done this, I feel guilty here, I was thanking Krish, but they both tricked me, they made me beg, but why, to become dad of my daughter.

Nandini says Ram won’t know that Pihu is his daughter. Shubham says yes. Vedika says I don’t think Ram will forgive Priya. Nandini says I will prove that Shivi was murdered. Shubham asks what about the deal.

She says minister won’t back out now, its good, else Ram would have got pity for Pihu, its perfect, everything is in our control. He says no, Kanika knows our truth, she can tell the truth to Ram. She says she can’t do this.

Krish asks Priya to say what’s happening. Priya cries. She says Vedika asked Ishaan to confess his crime, then she will not tell the truth to Pihu, he went there, but I stopped him, what shall I do, they want to break me. He says it will be unfair to break Ram and Pihu, they deserve to know the truth.

She says Nandini won’t succeed, I will tell the truth to Ram. He asks will Ram let you go, what about the minister. She says every drama will end today. Nandini comes to Kanika and minister. She asks them not to cancel the deal. She says don’t know why did Priya blame Kanika for misbehaving with Ram.

He asks what. Kanika says just shut up, I swear I didn’t do this, Ram and Priya are acting, they are fooling you. Nandini thinks I really wanted this. He scolds her.

He says I will cancel this deal. Priya comes and stops him. She says I never blame anyone falsely, why would your wife get scared of me, I m saying the truth, I have the proof. She shows the video. She says it’s the cctv footage.

Minister gets angry. Priya recalls Krish getting the cctv footage. She thanks him for helping Ram and her. He asks are you sure this will work. Priya says yes. FB ends. Priya asks Kanika to see what happened, selfish people aren’t loyal to anyone. She asks minister to open his eyes. He says you know what happened, you blamed Ram to save yourself from embarrassment.

Kanika says you can’t count how many girls he dated in these five years, you lied to get this deal. Priya says I know, he didn’t cheat anyone, you are wrong, not him, he worked on this deal, we have done it for a good motive, he never told a word against you, he wanted to protect his family.

She asks minister to cancel the deal if he wants. She says I will bring this video in front of everyone, you will lose your chair and respect also, you left no option for me. He asks what do you want. She says I want things to go as it is, deal is signed, apologize to Ram, else this video will run on every news channel and your wife’s truth will come out, you can ask Nandini, I do what I say. He leaves in anger. Kanika asks him to listen.

Priya says Ishaan didn’t go to jail, you would regret to know this. She goes home and thinks to tell Pihu’s truth to Ram. She sees Ram dancing with the girls and drinking. Ram says my drama is over, you helped me a lot, I want to gift you something. He makes a blank cheque. He says you did good acting of my wife, take the money and leave.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram and Priya argue. Nandini asks Vedika to ask whatever she wants, she has the right.


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