Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th July 2022 Episode starts with Pihu tying up Ram by handcuffs. She says you wanted to kidnap us, I know your plan, you forced me to help. He says you are thinking wrong. He says you are bad uncle, you want to feed the cup cake and make us sick. He shouts for help. Priya comes. Ram says she has tied me, help me.

Pihu says she wants to kidnap us. Priya sees the handcuffs. Ram says I m not going to kidnap you. Priya argues with Ram. Ram says its not like that. She says I m no one to you, why would you explain me.

He says this isn’t mine. She doesn’t believe him. He says ask her to open the handcuff. Priya asks Pihu to open his hands. Pihu says no, he is clever. Ram asks did you hear her, she called me clever. Ram and Priya argue.

Ram says this belongs to my friend, why shall I stop him, he can do anything he wants, this is the cake knife. Pihu says you want to kill Priya, you are rude, mean and a kidnapper also. Ram says no, are these eyes of a kidnapper. She says yes. Priya says no, free his hands. Pihu asks do you trust him, why.

Priya says yes, because I know him, he is my prince charming. Bade acche…plays… Pihu opens the handcuffs. She goes. Priya goes to her. Pihu asks is he really your prince charming, he isn’t caring.

Ram says Maitri called for you. Priya asks Pihu to go. Ram says sorry, I should have been careful, all that didn’t belong to me, you said I m your prince charming. She says I said that to get your hands freed. He says right, it worked, you lied. She says everything is a lie. He says right, its all a drama, right.

Sandy meets Shubham. He asks are you trying to unite Ram and Priya again. She says not at all, Priya has assured us that there is nothing from her side, she is helping Ram for the deal. He says it was imp to know, if Priya returns, then the haunting past will return, I was just conforming.

She says Meera and Ishaan wanted Ram and Priya to unite, but Priya is clear, she doesn’t want to get back to Ram, if Ram wanted it, then you would have known it. He says you will tell me right, if you get to know, at least I can prepare myself. She says sure. He goes. She thinks sorry, I can’t tell you the entire support.

Priya talks to Maitri, and asks for Neeraj. Ram and Pihu call him gel hair guy. They smile. Priya asks them to shake hands and not fight now. Ram and Pihu agree. Krish comes. Pihu runs to Krish and hugs.

Priya says you here, is everything fine. He asks Pihu to go. Ram says he doesn’t trust me, so he would be insecure. Krish scolds him. He shows the papers and pics. Ram checks it. Krish says he wanted to show your past to Pihu, we are leaving right away, come. Ram says listen to me now, I never threatened Priya.

Krish says you didn’t change. Ram asks Priya to tell him that he didn’t do this. Priya says Ram can never think of doing this, Pihu shouldn’t know this. Ram says she won’t know, okay. She says I know Krish cares for me and Pihu. Krish says I can’t trust him and his family, I won’t take risk, end this and come, let Ram go to jail,

let him know how one suffers there. She asks him to go out, she will come and talk to him. She calls Pihu. Ram thinks why what right shall I stop you, Krish has a right on you, but they aren’t married. Krish asks Priya to come. Ram asks Krish to go out. Krish and Pihu go. Ram says he ruined everything.

Priya says anyone will worry seeing the records. Ram asks will I blackmail someone about the child, that’s not me. He asks why didn’t you tell me if someone threatened you. She asks by what right.

He says the right for which you are helping me, this is my job. She says Pihu needs me, I won’t step back from my decision, she has seen Krish and me fighting for the first time. He asks who did this, Shubham? She says no, your mom. Ram asks mom? I know this is wrong, her condition isn’t fine since 5 years, she is on therapy.

She says she doesn’t like me, if she tells anything to Pihu in anger. He says she won’t do this, I promise, I m sorry. She says let me go, Pihu needs me, I will meet you at home, I promise. He says Pihu won’t know anything, I promise. Shubham and Vedika argue. He says mom, Ishaan knows something about Priya,

he is desperate to get Ram and Priya back. Nandini asks him to find out the matter. He says yes, ask Vedika to do this. Vedika says I know it already, Ishaan is playing a cupid so that Priya comes back. He says we are family, you are stuck here like glue, you don’t do any work. Ram comes home.

Nandini asks is everything fine. He says no, you aren’t doing this right. He shows the pics. He says you threatened Priya about her past, how, you care about me, you can’t take an extreme step, promise me, you won’t put me in this situation, I won’t support wrong.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya says I will be fine after the dance. Pihu asks Ram to find out her fav song. They dance on dil deewana….


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