Bade Acche Lagte Hain 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 22nd July 2022 Episode starts with Vishal saying thanks for believing me. Nick says I m sure Pallavi got a lesson. Harsh asks who circulated this video. Nandita says it doesn’t matter, Pallavi can do anything. Harsh says I don’t think she can do such a thing.

Nick says I m really proud of you, I really liked it. Vishal says she is a clever woman. Nick says she always shows attitude. Vishal says yes, she was showing me attitude. They drink. Nick asks why did she come to you.

Vishal says I had called her. Nick says she won’t come on your saying. Vishal says I told her that my mum is ill and I need money. Nick says but who called the office staff there. Vishal says I called them, I wanted to insult that woman. Nick says I feel so proud of you. Vishal says she didn’t get trapped, she has no problem with Ranveer, she refused to me, what’s special in her.

Nick says I don’t know what I saw in her, love is blind. Vishal says she ruined your life, she rejected me, so I didn’t spare her. Nick says good, we will go in the party, drink there and laugh on Pallavi, lets go. They go downstairs. Vishal asks are they looking at me, I have become famous because of you, thanks.

He sings. Nick beats him. Vishal falls in Pallavi’s feet. Nick says you thought I will believe you whatever you tell me about her. He shows the confession to everyone on the screen. Nick beats him. Everyone looks on.

Nick asks will you make video and make it viral, I will kill you. Ram stops Nick. He says police is coming, it will take care of this, are you okay, that’s why I was thinking why didn’t you react, so it was a plan. He recalls Nick putting a note in his pocket to get a camera installed in the bar area. Ram says well done. Nick thanks him for the help. They hug. Ram and his family leave.

Priya thinks of Ram and Pihu. She thinks I never thought my dream will get fine, I will tell Pihu about her dad when she grows up. Meera comes. She says Pihu is having fun, have the haldi milk, it will relieve your pain. Priya holds her hand and says pain isn’t getting less. Meera cries. She apologizes.

Priya says its my fate’s mistake. Meera says I was wrong to think of Sara and Ishaan’s future than Ram. Priya says I can’t choose anyone between Pihu and anyone else, I understand why you did that. She cries. She says I m hurt that Pihu hates her dad. Meera says no, she doesn’t hate him, you hurt yourself to make them bond, I m your mum,

I know it, you hurt yourself for others’ happiness, let me help you. Priya thanks her and says sorry, I can’t tell Pihu that you are her Nani, I have no answers for her questions. Meera says fine, you help Ram, Ram and you suffered a lot. She asks Priya to leave Ram and Pihu together with Brinda. Priya likes the idea.

Brinda says Priya had to go to Mumbai with Meera. Ram asks why didn’t she say. Pihu asks how can she go leaving me. Brinda says she went to show her foot to a doctor. Ram asks aren’t doctors here in Meerut. Priya calls him.

She says sorry, I had much pain and had to come back. Ram says I would have cancelled the interview, health comes first. Pihu says you did right, we won’t break promises. Priya says you are my good child, I will get fine until you come back, I will dance, you promise with Ram, maybe he never breaks his promises. Ram and Pihu promise. Brinda takes Pihu.

Ram talks to Priya. He asks how did you go alone, I would have come along. She says I wanted you and Pihu to spend time, so I have come. Vedika gets angry and cries. She says Ram is away from Priya, because he thinks Priya is wrong, but she is innocent, if Ishaan tells the truth to everyone, then….

No, I will tell Shubham, he will help me. Vikrant asks are you okay. Vedika says I m fine. He says Shubham and everyone left for the airport, you should also go, Sara, Ishaan and I will come later after attending dad’s birthday. She thinks does Sara and Vikrant know about this. Shubham says we should make Pihu and Ram spend time. Sandy says Pihu isn’t leaving me. She asks Ram to keep Pihu with her, she has to make the presentation ready. Ram nods.

Pihu goes to Brinda. Adi says I will get boarding pass. Brinda asks Pihu to be with Ram. Ram sits with Pihu. She says my full name is Pihu Sood. He thinks why didn’t she adopt Krish’s surname, is Krish okay with this.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini says you left Pihu with Ram, and came here, you did this intentionally. Reporters ask Ram about his wife.


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