Bade Acche Lagte Hain 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 23rd August 2022 Episode starts with Brinda talking to the doctor. She says I want the DNA test results by tomorrow. He says I will do something. She says its really imp for me, please understand. Adi hears this. He cries and hugs her. She asks what happened. Adi says I won’t try to explain you. Pihu says say sorry and finish it. Ram says I will discipline Pihu. Priya and Ram argue.

He says I m sorry, happy now. Pihu says we won’t do the interview, we will go and tell them that he is mean. Maitri comes and screams in pain. They ask what happened, come in and sit. Maitri says I want to go home to Neeraj.

Ram and Pihu ask really. Priya says yes, one thinks of the person you love when you are in pain. Priya says you can’t travel alone. Ram says I will drop you, its not imp to love someone to be a good person. Ram takes her. Priya says when we promise, then we fulfil it. Pihu says no, he didn’t say sorry, I won’t give the interview.

Ram hears this. Ishaan asks Sandy about Priya. Sandy says no. Minister says I have seen her going with Ram. Ishaan says I know they are made for each other, they are selfless and love each other’s families. Ram makes Maitri sit in the car.

Ram asks Priya to sit in the car. Vedika hears Ishaan. Minister goes. Shubham comes to Vedika and gives her a tissue. He says don’t feel bad of Ishaan’s words, Ram promised that he will marry you.

Maitri says you both come together in tough times for the family and each other. Priya asks how are you feeling now. Maitri says I m feeling tired. Ram jokes. Priya laughs and says it was funny joke. Ram says music changes the bad mood into good. He plays the music. Sandy says everything is set,

Ram has to get Priya and Pihu for the interview. Brinda says stop crying Adi, I m not dying. Adi says you were talking of reports. Brinda thinks thank God he didn’t hear about the DNA reports. She asks him to stop crying. Sandy asks all okay. Brinda says yes. Vedika says Ram and Priya aren’t at home. Adi asks what,

where are they. Sara and Vikrant call Ram and Priya. Ram’s car breaks down. Priya asks him to call Adi. He asks her not to taunt. Priya says I m finding a mechanic online. Maitri asks them to stop arguing. Priya worries seeing Maitri’s face. She says I think her labor started. Ram asks them to stop.

Priya and Ram get the calls and tell about Maitri’s labour. Ishaan asks them to send location. Ram says I will send the location. Ishaan asks them to take Maitri to the warehouse, there is no hospital around. Ram asks Adi to send the chopper. Priya asks him to think and talk.

She asks Sara to handle the interview, they will manage. Brinda says we will send the ambulance soon. Vikrant asks Ram not to worry, Priya is with him. Priya asks Maitri does she trust her. Ram says she would say, more than herself. She asks Maitri to take a deep breath.

Reporter asks aren’t Ram and Priya coming for interview. Sandy explains the situation to them. Kanika asks why did they go out, are you sure there is no other problem, maybe they don’t want to give the interview. She says I heard Ram and Priya arguing, Vedika also looked upset, call Vedika and ask her the matter. Vedika goes to Pihu.

She gets rude and asks her to come for interview. Sandy and everyone come. Sandy says Maitri’s baby will be coming. Pihu says Vedika was scolding me. Vedika says she is lying. Pihu says she scolded me. Sandy says its fine, I will say from her side. Shubham says no, Vedika you say sorry. Vedika says sorry.

Pihu says its okay, don’t say sorry, you are elder to me. Reporters clap. Reporter calls Pihu sensible. He asks will interview happen or not. Vedika says take Pihu’s interview when Ram and Priya aren’t here.

He says it’s a good idea. Ram and Priya take Maitri to the warehouse. Sara says Pihu is my niece, I will decide, she won’t give the interview alone. Nandini says she isn’t alone, her Nani and Dadi are along, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Nandini takes Pihu for the interview. Ram says I got few towels, sanitizer bottles. Priya says I think its shooting items, it can help us.

Ram says we are in boxing ring, you always fight with me. She asks for gloves. He gets the boxing gloves. He asks her not to fight with him. She asks him to sanitize. She asks are you thinking of interview. Ram asks do you think I m so selfish. Vedika says I have to handle Pihu. Kanika asks isn’t she really Ram’s daughter.

Pihu gives her interview. Ram says I know Pihu refused. Priya says no, I convinced her. He asks what. Priya asks him to ask how. Reporter asks is Ram a good dad, does he love you.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vedika and Nandini plan to bring a storm in Priya and Pihu’s lives. Ram says I want our family, Priya.


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