Bade Acche Lagte Hain 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 25th August 2022 Episode starts with Ram and Priya falling down and having a moment. She says I made you lose and I won. Kesariya….plays… Ram holds her face. Ishaan cries and thinks all this happened because of me, maybe Priya marries someone else.

Krish asks why are you crying. Ishaan asks how can you do this knowing Priya loves Ram, how can you think of marrying her. Krish thinks how did he know about my feelings. He says its nothing like that, come with me, I got that blackmailer’s address. Ishaan says I don’t care,

I was getting selfish, I will tell the truth to Ram that Shivina got pushed because of me, it was just an accident, Priya took the blame to save me, she doesn’t deserve this, she made Pihu away from Ram for my sake.

Vedika records this and smiles. She thinks I will play the game, and Priya has to leave from Ram’s life again because of you. Ram says Priya, I want to say something, you make your own rules, I won’t argue, whatever happened, I have done wrong with you, I got angry and fought with you, let me say, I got courage to say this, I used to hate you,

but I wish that this drama turns true, I know Pihu is Krish’s daughter, not mine, but the truth is I feel she is like my family, I used to hate your child that reminds me your cheat, but on meeting her, I lost, I can’t hate her, I love her, she would go tomorrow, I m losing my breath thinking of this, last time this happened when I lost my Shivi. She cries.

He says I m glad that you didn’t give my place to anyone else, I want to give another chance to our relation, will you give it another chance, I swear, I m saying this from heart, not for the deal, I don’t care about Pihu’s biological father, I want to become her dad, will you give me a chance, I love Pihu,

I can understand you didn’t expect this, take your time, reply me by tomorrow. He cries. He says I didn’t ask anything for me, I want Pihu, you and me, our family, will you fulfil my wish, an this happen. The man comes and says car got fixed. Ram asks what. The man repeats. Ram says okay.

Priya thinks I did so bad with you, even then you want us to stay with you, how can you be so loving. Ram asks her to think once and not refuse, please. He says sorry, I told a lot. He leaves. Brinda asks why didn’t the reports come. Adi comes and cries. He asks are you going to die. She says yes. He says don’t say this,

I love you a lot, I won’t let anything happen. She says don’t irritate me, I m not dying. He asks about the reports. Brinda thinks to tell the truth. Ram comes. Adi says Brinda is going to die. Ram asks what happened to you. Adi says she isn’t telling me, does she have a brain tumour. Ram asks kidney.

Adi asks lungs. Brinda says stop it, nothing happened to me. Ram says you scared me. She asks why did you come, tell me. He says I wanted to talk about Priya and me. Sara asks what, did Ram say this. Priya asks can this happen. Sara says yes, Pihu will get her real dad. Priya says I feel wrong to hide the truth from Ram, I did wrong,

I told him that Pihu is not his daughter, even then he wants to be with Pihu, I m scared. Sara says you know what you have to do, you want to tell him the truth, right. Priya says yes, but he may hate me, how will his family react, Nandini hates me, if she tells the truth to Pihu and make her away, then, I don’t know what to do. Sara asks her not to worry.

She says about Ram’s family threatening, I have no doubt, no one can harm you. Adi says Nandini and Shubham hate Priya. Ram says I know, there are many misunderstandings, but I feel they are my family, I can’t let them go.

Brinda says who cares what Nandini and Shubham think. He says they are my mom and brother. She says I know, but you have a right to choose your happiness, if they love you, then they can think for your happiness. He says it got complicated now. She says you never hated Priya. He asks are you with me.

Priya says I don’t want Pihu to go away. Sara says you will get Ram because of Pihu. Ishaan hears this and thinks wow, Ram and Priya are uniting, it’s a miracle. Vedika says Kanika will show the proof to police after the deal gets signed, police will say Priya went to jail, it will bring a storm in Priya and Pihu’s lives.

Nandini says great, I will tell that I called the police, because I doubt that Shivi was murdered, then we will see if Ram hugs Priya or not. Priya thinks to talk to Krish. Krish comes and says Ishaan is scared. She says I will talk to him. He says I got the phone which we were finding, there is a video, its password protected, it means there is something, its Kanika’s relative’s phone.

She says Nandini is taking Kanika’s help. He says Vedika is also involved in this game, Vedika and Kanika are good friends, I don’t think Ram knows it. Ram says I m surprised that you praised me. Pihu says you are my friend so I told the truth. Ram asks Tarun to get cup cakes for Pihu. Pihu says you scared Tarun. Ram says I m not rude, we will make the jhanki. She asks do you know.

He says no, you would know. They make it. Pihu says Krish also knows to make the jhanki, he always celebrates Janmashtami with us, he used to find us every year, Priya never told him about us. Ram says it was like a treasure hunt. She says yes. Ram asks Krish to help them. Krish says its not tough, I will help, come. Priya smiles.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 26th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram and Priya do the puja. Priya confronts Nandini and Vedika. Brinda asks the DNA test result, is it a match. Doctor nods. She gets happy.


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