Bade Acche Lagte Hain 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 26th July 2022 Episode starts with Ram asking Pihu why don’t you like me. She says because mum stays sad with you, so I m also sad, I m scared that you break promises, once we help you, you will break the promise, Priya will get sad, I will feel much bad. Sandy says boarding started. Ram says we will come in some time,

I will try my best to become better. Pihu and Ram take their medicines. He asks are you ready for your first flight. Pihu says yes. Everyone smiles seeing them. Priya says its too late, why didn’t they come, Ram and Pihu will get upset, I will wait. She gets Ram and Pihu’s pics. She smiles.

She says Pihu will meet the Ram I know, he has changed because I couldn’t keep my promise, but I promise, old Ram will come back, he is really good. She imagines Ram and Pihu fighting for her. She dreams of their happy family. Aaye zindagi…plays… She wakes up and says I can at least gather the happiness.

She gets a message… you didn’t kill Shivi, you are saving the killer, I know your secret, Ram will forgive you but send the killer to jail, do you want this to happen. Priya thinks just Ishaan and Krish know this, who is this.

Shubham talks to Vedika on call. She thinks I won’t tell Ishaan’s truth. She says you are a fool, Ishaan doesn’t know any secret, he just wants to unite Ram and Priya, you are doing a drama to unite them, right. He says yes, we had no option. She says you are doing this to secure your future, just Ram will go to the jail if deal doesn’t happen.

He says you think I will let him go to jail. She says yes, you won’t miss to do this, you have cheat in your blood. He gets angry. He says I will teach her a lesson, she will never come back in our family. He sees Priya and thinks did she hear Vedika and my talks. He asks didn’t you sleep. She says I m waiting for Ram and Pihu.

He says they will come. She thinks did he message me to threaten. Vedika is with Kanika. Vedika says Nandini and Shubham can sacrifice anyone for money, we can’t trust them, we have to turn the tables, I have to make Priya believe that Nandini is threatening her. Kanika asks will Priya run away.

Vedika says no, she will question Nandini, then their game will spoil, I will go to save Ram, I will get him this time, its enough of decency. Ram makes Pihu sleep. He asks the driver to keep AC on and go. Driver asks will you sleep in the car. Ram sends him. Ram holds Pihu in arms and sleeps.

Priya thinks did Shubham stoop so low in hatred. Ram switches off the AC. Priya asks why isn’t Nandini stopping Shubham, do they know that Ishaan did this, then Pihu and Ishaan’s future is at risk, I can’t go, Ram can get jailed, no. She goes out and sees Ram and Pihu sleeping in the car. She gets inside the car. She tries to wake him up. He says I have switched off AC, Pihu may catch cold.

He sweats. Priya smiles and opens the window. She clicks their pic. She thinks Nandini will harm my Pihu. She thinks to talk to Ishaan and find out. Ishaan wakes up. Sara beats him. Vikrant stops her. Sara says you got drunk yesterday.

He asks Ishaan don’t you remember. He shows the video. Ishaan says sorry, I didn’t do anything. Sara shouts on Ishaan. Priya comes. Sara says Ishaan got drunk in my sangeet yesterday. Priya asks what. Ishaan says I didn’t drink, I swear. Sara says Vikrant and Shubham got you inside.

Priya thinks either Shubham, Nandini, or both are the blackmailer. She leaves. Adi calls Ram and asks about his shoulder. Ram says I m hurt, get a muscle relaxant, Pihu slept on my arm, I didn’t wake her up, I slept in the car. Pihu hears him. Adi says don’t tell Priya that you are taking a painkiller.

Ram asks Tarun to get breakfast. He asks did Priya and Pihu have breakfast. Tarun says Priya isn’t at home. Ram says dial Adi. He calls Adi and asks is Priya there. Adi says maybe she went with Pihu. Ram sees Pihu there. Priya thinks Shubham dropped Ishaan, I think he is threatening me, how shall I find out.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram thinks Priya has come to meet Krish. Pihu asks is Ram upset with you, why didn’t he come. Priya and Ram argue.


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